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Jason Tang (PantsOfTheTalShiar)
Tournament Report - 1E
2013-03-10 - 12:00 PM
CardassianFederation1E Learner Deck Series 1 - Cardassian
This was my first constructed tournament since DS9. Matthew was kind enough to offer me a deck to play for this tournament. I had been working on a Cardassian deck of my own, but with an otherwise busy weekend, I wasn't confident I'd be able to put it together, and I was curious about Matthew's approach to the affiliation.

Round 1FederationKevinFL (-100)
Kevin was all DQ, I was all AQ, making my capture cards suboptimal. I found myself stuck needing ENGINEER to pass dilemmas. The deck did seem rather light on them, but it didn't help that I was completely neglecting my downloadable Dr. Telek R'Mor in my Tent. Oops. Kevin's USS Voyager deck was as redundant and relentless as the Borg, and it didn't seem too difficult for him to get >140 points to win.

Round 2BorgMatthew HayesMW (+11)
Ah, the Particle 010 deck. I preserved the planet combos for his two planets, and then distributed all others as best I could among the Space Missions, just so he wouldn't have any freebies. While Matthew was busy doing Borg stuff, I was stuck at my Headquarters without a ship. Eventually I try to Secure the Homeworld, and run into an Edo Probe. While the prudent action might have been to wait for another mission, I wasn't about to just wait around indefinitely. And, at least following through with the mission attempt would give me info on what was awaiting me. That happened to be The Higher The Fewer, followed by a Dead End, so I was off to a start of -19 points. When I do draw a ship, Matthew takes it over with Emergent Lifeform and Cytherians. Eventually, I drew more ships and solved a nearby 30-point space mission, bringing me to 11 points. I then had to begin the long trek across a span of Spaces to my other missions. Mathew whiffed on his probes, so had to start trying to assimilate planets. I had just started to work through some of my other missions when time was called.

Round 3FerengiJames HeaneyFL (-100)View opponent's Report
James pulls out a sheet of paper with his Master Plan, and has a whirlwind of a first turn. He quickly solved his outpost mission. Meanwhile, I was a bit slower to develop and had real trouble with James' dilemmas, i.e. Ferengi Ingenuity combo and (Un)Scientific Method combo. His Husnock Ship and D'Kora Marauder were also daunting in comparison to my Galor, so I didn't want to stray far from my Homeworld. James just kept plugging through for the full 100.

Closing Thoughts
The tournament was a bit daunting at times, just because of my inexperience. But, I'm glad I went so that I could get some experience! I'm grateful to everyone who played, and in particular to Matthew for letting me use his deck. I've already started working on potential decks for next time.