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Derrick Marsh (HoodieDM)
Tournament Report - 1E - Qo'noS Regional
2014-05-10 - 10:00 AM
StarfleetStarsuckers, Inc.
I had been fortunate enough to win the Sector 001 2014 1E event last month, so I went in this event with just wanting to play something fun. I did want to try out a few things, but I figured if I could pull off the victory and get a Starfleet victory, I was all for it!

Round 1BajoranFederationJeremy NorrisMW (+25)
Jeremy and I played in the 1E final last month which ended in a MW for me. That game we shared very similar missions/play engines as I was playing a Office of the President/Fed&Cardi Treaty deck and he was playing this same deck, though he appeared to tweak it a bit this time. He seen I was playing something similar to last time, so he played Cetacean Institute first this time so he could DL the whales. When I could I ended up traveling over there and killing the whales with two personnel. He then came over and killed one of my guys, but that was okay. I ended up getting out my whales and Phoenix and then ended up completing one mission. Jeremy ended up losing a bunch of points but did score some, I ended up winning with time for a modified win based off points.

Round 2FederationMatthew McClainFW (+59)
Matt and I met up at Nationals. He had his missions all over the place, I figured he was playing some Romulans, but he ended up playing Feds mixed with a bunch of weird combos. He went and stole my Earth with just Selak, Brunt, and two peeps (Bareil being one) as his combo dilemmas were Greed and Treachery (+5 pts each). So he scored 50 points, I felt I was in deep trouble at this point. I did manage to blow up his Romulan Scout Vessel so he was stranded for a few turns while he set up his Defiant + Shuttle play engine and he had a ton of people in play. At this point I started just plowing through missions. I cleared one space where I had The Nexus under (next to Earth), cleared it all until I hit dead End. Then I started working on Insurrection. I did have 25 pts from Whales/Phoenix. Matt got caught at one of his closer missions so he abandoned it for Pegasus Search (second to last from far end of spaceline b/c he could travel super far with In the Zone double Range) which had Dead End, which he auto passed, but then hit The Higher The Fewer and lost 9 pts. He was now under 50 and stopped. I then completed my planet mission, got my 50 points exactly and went over to the space mission to auto pass the dead end, but not to complete it b/c I didn't want to lose the pts (since I could only max 50 this turn and I'd forfeit 20). This triggered The Nexus to the otherside and at the end of my turn, moved and blew up the Defiant and Matt lost all of his equipment. He then went and tried to complete a local mission but was stopped. I moved my ship with Dr. Tolian Soran over across the board, one mission short of the nexus. Then I compelted the mission for 35 more pts putting me at 85 and then at the end of the turn, got the nexus onto soran for another 20 to win the game.

Round 3BajoranFederationRyan SuttonML (-19)
Ryan and I were playing for the final. I was expecting borg from him. I kept away from him all during the event to not see what he was playing. It was going to be Fed/Baj or Borg. He ended up having Fed/Baj like I thought. He did run some Son'a/Ba'ku and Orians for free plays. He spent most of the time trying to lock me out of 22nd century earth. He did manage this with two Transport Inhibitors. The CC might want to look into this, as this can be very abusive locking people out. Sure I could battle them, but I can't do that in my own time location due to the Son'a not being 22nd and NA so they could just waltz into my HQ. Anyways, I had whales and phoenix out. Ryan then spent a couple of turns trying to move my Phoenix. I was nice enough to let him take the move back that would drag my Phoenix with Activate Tractor Beam out of the time location and originally left on Earth which would still count as orbiting, but he wanted to move it to space so it would no longer count as points. I let him have it as I really didn't care about winning this game. I got locked out of one of my missions (where Nexus was at) due to RAGS b/c apparently I forgot (overlooked) SF not having Tractor Beams. Oh well, so I went and attempted another mission. I got stopped by Cytherians where all of my one crew was at. The other crew was stuck in HQ cuz I couldn't beam them out of the three ships I had. But I had Daniels there and purposely waited to blow Out of Time to move the whole crew (except the whales) to Earth. I then moved the Columbia (where T'Pol was chilling on purpose) to Earth and picked them, reattempted the mission. Hit The Cloud and then hit Warp Speed Transfer and moved McCoy where the Cytherians were on to Columbia and auto passed it. I then finished it for 35 pts after hitting The Higher the Fewer. So I was at 41. Ryan managed to knock out two missions for 60. If I'd been able to pass RAGS I'd of won, but couldn't. Overall great game by Ryan and I. Definitely a chess match as we always play. We definitely don't want to play each other at Worlds unless it's for the Finals hahaha.

Closing Thoughts
Great day of fun and had a blast. Our gracious host Ryan Sutton was awesome as always. We got tacos and soda pop. We had fun joking and playing lots of cards. I placed 2nd in two events and 3rd in one. Ryan won out, so was lots of fun. Anyways, my deck was pretty good, but couple of things that SF needs still. Like another free play to actually play SF personnel (even if Universal). They also need shuttle pods so you don't get auto locked out at your own HQ/time location. And I'll make sure to auto pack some Grappling Hooks next time to make sure I'm not stuck like that and to save The Phoenix for a final play instead of just assuming it will be safe. Ryan seen what I played last time and teched just for that hahahaha. Know I'm doing something right then, when a top tier player has to tech against you ;) ;)