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Peter Ludwig (martok88)
Tournament Report - 1E - European Continental
2022-08-13 - 11:30 AM
MaquisFederationSpeed solver Spritzzz
Basic idea: Seed phase: make sure 1 outpost is within 6 range of Empok. Turn 1: DL Enterprise-A --> commandeer Empok --> 60 equipments --> Masaka --> drop all AU guys with the Pasteur. The rest of the hand cards are then designed to assist your 1 turn win: safe 2 mission win with plenty of bonus points. Complications: - opponent has Temporal Micro-WH --> use Parallax arguers to bate opponent into letting you play Revolving door on it on turn 1. Otherwise: card play Revolving door on turn 2 --> turn 2 win - opponent has Tribunal of Q: Case A: opponent hase a homeworld: usually he'll have 2-3 guys there by turn 1. --> Defend HW --> Lore to opponent's HQ --> either try to capture people or just attack. This might scare the opponent into using his Q the Ref. --> after that you're good to go. If he doesn't fall for it, you can try a 1 person red-shirt to maybe bate Villagers with Torches. Case B: No Homeworld: You can try Defend HW for Kira --> DL hidden fighter. This might bate the opponent into getting Containment field. Otherwise Red-shirt to bate Villagers. - opponent hast Tribunal AND TMW: Very tough situation: you need to bate his Q the ref AND parallax a Revolving door, both in 1 turn. Unlikely, but maybe they fall for it. - opponent seeds something under Empok Friendly Fire: can be done on turn 1 Ferengi Infestation: need to build up the Cunning, takes 2 turns Sleeper Trap: cancel the battle with Resistance Tactics --> capture all 3 Cardies

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
Pool action with das Rohr.

Round 2KlingonGerald SieberFW (+100)
Gerald didn't have Ref or TMW - nothing he could do.

Round 3FerengiJulius MelhardtFW (+100)
Julius had a tricky Ferengi deck that requires the Juggler, so he brought Tribunal. Scary! He also remembered to get a Ref out turn 1 so I had to bate him. Played a Non-aligned guy (Thomas Paris I think) to his HQ and also Lore with Defend HW. He had 3-4 low-strength Ferengi guys there which he needed for his engines (A Nagus and also Mirror guy for Study divergent). So I decided to just battle him. He revealed Defend HW, downloaded half his deck but then made the wrong decision to also use his Q the ref to Strategema the battle. This was very difficult to anticipate though. This allowed for the drop on turn 1 again.

Round 4FederationJohannes KlarhauserFW (+100)
Same as Gerald, no counter cards.

Closing Thoughts
I think the deck should probably not exist in this way. Since we are in the process of fading out and nerfing REF-Cards, Tribunal of Q gets played less and less. This means there should not be a deck that reverses this process and basically forces everyone to play Tribunal again. Solutions? My suggestion would be limiting STP-drops to about 12-15 cards. This still allows for some creative builds but at the same time prevents abuse quite well. I would not like to see Empok changed: without the massive drop, getting 60 equipments is not abusive.