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Markus Eberlein (eberlems)
Tournament Report - 1E - Vandros IV Regional
2014-05-17 - 10:45 AM
HirogenCopy the best, steal the rest? Well let's see how much I forgot
So, after a long break for 1E constructed, probably one decade, with a regional <5km away, several unknown cards/erratas and combos ... well I just participated. New arrivals doesn't really keep up in constructed complete. But I didn't have several days to get all the combination (back) into my head.

Round 1Non-AlignedHirogenMeinhard S. RohrFL (-100)
Hirogen vs Hirogen Okampa and Equinox. Just one mission seeded by both of us. Well, about 4 against 2 new personnel each turn, got more or less overrun. Saw several cards that would make my deck much better...

Round 2BajoranFederationAndreas LimmerFL (-65)View opponent's Report
Ent-E + Baku + Sona + Bajoran Resistance. Kavok got the Enterprise-E at Insurrection but then didn't pay attention with Collect Metaphasic Particles text.

Round 3StarfleetMark NapierFL (-5)View opponent's Report
Starfleet. Never saw them in action in 1E before. Managed some lucky skill/D'Vela stops but in the end...

Closing Thoughts
Read and memorize more cards and then maybe, just maybe... Still was fun.