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Adam Bargar (abargar7510)
Tournament Report - 2E - Online Event
2022-04-26 - 12:00 AM
DS9DS9 Beginner Sealed
I chose the DS9 beginner deck because of my familiarity playing them as well as the similarity to the deck it is based on. Also, when I submitted my picks it looked like we were going to get affiliation-flavored verbs in our pools (this ended up not being the case) and I was hoping I would get something like Holding Cell or Medical Teams in mine. The most useful card in my card pool was a second copy of Vic. So I made a Vic Fontaine scumbag integrity deck, swapping in Eliminate Harvesters in place of Ba’Ku Planet. My plan is to use the extra cards from Common Cause/Purpose to fuel Vic and hopefully pull off a couple of quick 4-personnel solves while slowing down my opponent with dilemmas (my dilemma pool was stronger), and then attack Torga from two crews. Going in, I expect Dominion and Cardassian to be the toughest matchups to look out for.

Round 1D'ellFW (+20)
D'ell's got the Klingon deck. No Common Cause or Purpose in my opening draw. It takes me a little while to get a ship and I don't get one of my Vics until late in the game which means it takes longer than it should to get my first two missions solved. I am able to slow him down at Brute Force but he eventually solves, and then takes the lead shortly thereafter when I don't stop enough people on his megateam at Crensen Gap. My microteams eventually get the job done at my space missions, and then I pummel Torga IV with Vic and multiple crews to get the come from behind win on my last turn as time is expiring before he can complete his last mission.

Round 2BorgChristopher JansaFW (+95)
Chris is playing Borg. Everything clicks on all cylinders and I microteam my way to two quick completions, including a first attempt completion using Common Enemy. He kills Vic on the second mission attempt but I play the other copy to help get me through. He slows me down by assimilating Troi, Worf, and Vic while I am at my last mission but eventually I get past with all the leftover people I had gotten out with Common Cause and Purpose. Khan and Quark of all people win me the game by having Treachery after being selected by Assassination Attempt.

Round 3CardassianJulius MelhardtFL (-70)
Not worried anymore about facing a deck that has battle, I swap out the Defiant, Patrolling Warship (not even having had the chance to use it) for the São Paulo. I also add an extra copy of Bashir in case I have to play Dominion. He is playing Cardassian who I know will be tough. He gets a quick start playing 5 personnel on his first turn and I can’t get a ship out until one turn later than I would’ve targeted which probably ended my chances right there. I am able to pass my first mission on the first attempt, but he Central Commands his way through two missions despite what I feel is pretty good dilemma selection on my part (for example, I very nearly killed Tain using Center of Attention after a Security filter, but he Telle’d his way out of it) to try to keep it from being too effective. Without Holding Cell in my card pool, I had no chance in this one after he drew the two copies of Central Command early and he wins on like his 6th or 7th turn.

Round 4StarfleetDaniel GiddingsFL (-40)
I have a hunch that he’s not playing Dominion, so I take out the extra copy of Bashir. My hunch is correct, he’s got Starfleet. I get a good opening hand and get a very quick start while he has trouble drawing a ship. He gets some great luck on dilemma selection while I’m at my last mission, though, and bogs me down there while he’s able to catch up using Accumulated Knowledges and Archer selections. I draw Firestorm and Common Enemy one turn too late and he ekes out a win 100-60 after stopping me with Rogue Borg Ambush.

Closing Thoughts
I’m pretty happy with my deck given my pool. I think this deck would be competitive in a constructed environment with a few changes. From a balancing perspective, a second copy of Common Enemy would’ve been very useful, especially since the two decks I lost to got to have 3x of their best anti-dilemma tech, which was a bigger advantage than Vic gave me.