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Adam Bargar (abargar7510)
Tournament Report - 2E - Online Event
2023-03-13 - 12:00 AM
FerengiTNGFerengi Integrity?
I get some nice, easy integrity missions so my draft strategy is to go with good ol’ high integrity TNG. Unfortunately, someone else is also picking those personnel. I get a few good ones, but all of the Ferengi are falling to me. I therefore back into the unusual predicament of having to play a dual-HQ TNG/Ferengi Integrity deck.

Round 1CardassianTerok NorKris SonstebyFL (-35)
I played well during this game, but Kris gets a head start from an At What Cost? I drew a Marauder in my opening hand, but the staffing requirements scare me into spending 3 of my counters to download the Olarra, which puts me a little behind as well. We are doing a good job throwing dilemmas at each other, but the head start is too much for me to overcome. I am able to use Rule #33 to cheat past one of his to get a solve, but he gets his second solve after I call Honor on Infinite Diversity, which he is able to cheat past using Data’s ability. I lose 70-35 not long before time expires.

Round 2TNGGiorgio VelascoFW (+70)
I get a bunch of weenies with really good skills out early, which lets me megateam my missions. I’m slowed down by a few of his dilemmas, but he is just getting stops and not kills due to my Hypospray, and eventually he starts running out of effective dilemmas to give me. I get my space mission after four have gone under and a couple more have bounced. Meanwhile, he seems to be having trouble accumulating Medical which keeps him from double teaming Salvage Borg Ship. He throws an In Development at me late in the game, which has me worried about pulling out the full win, but his last turn goes quickly after he fails my Dangerous Climb. I get the full win as time expires, even with me forgetting to use my Astrometrics Lab to go get a third Acquisition for Rule #33 (which I was worried was going to be a mistake that cost me the FW).

Round 3DominionRomulanJulius MelhardtFW (+35)
Julius gets out first with a bunch of Jem'Hadar and goes over with the Enterprise-A to Battle Reconaissance. I kill some people with Simulated Prey on his first attempt, and Full Security Alert gets his only Security on his second attempt. After regrouping at his HQ for a turn, he gets the mission with 6 attempting and five under. At this point in time, I'm not feeling good about my chances because I'm drawing all my low integrity Ferengi and can't manage a crew mix that will be able to solve a mission. I finally draw and play Sito and Sisko and it's go time. He stops me twice at Observe Kazon Ritual but I solve with 6 attempting and 5 under, while I'm able to slow him down at his planet mission with a Go Away/In Development/Racial Tension combo. I head over to my space mission right after I solve Kazon Ritual and attempt with 9 people. He gets a bad dilemma draw, gives me 4, but I squeak through with the skills and just enough Integrity. I had Rule #33 in my hand the whole game but never had a chance/needed to use it.

Closing Thoughts
I'm a bit surprised out how well this turned out. I was worried about the number of low integrity Ferengi that I had to include to hit a good skill matrix, but that really only seemed to impact me in the last match. I was really pleased with my dilemma selections, which offered me a lot of options to slow down my opponents because getting the right crew together seemed to be a little slower than my opponents. Looking at my decklist, I was kind of surprised by the number of good personnel that I was able to draft into this deck that never even got into play during the tournament.