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Ben Daeuber (phaserihardlyknowher)
Tournament Report - 1E
2021-06-27 - 11:00 AM
KlingonThe OS: Klingons
Thoughts on this deck are in the deck strategy. It was OK, but lack of card draw left me with nothing to do at times and slowed things down. Plus I'm just very rusty.

Round 1KCAMark MustonML (-56)
My first game back in a long time and there were so many things I just forgot. I forgot which dilemma was still under a mission and stupidly got stopped by a dilemma twice by beaming down the wrong away team. I forgot to download equipment to deal with Mark's snipers. I forgot to use "Transwarp Conduit" to jump to another mission and I screwed up seeding my missions. There's probably things I'm forgetting I forgot. I don't know if I could have won the game, but I could have kept the point differential closer. Snipers killed enough personnel early that I didn't have the universal personnel or the card draw to recurse using "Organian Annexation". I was able to use "Smoke and Mirrors" in a clever spot to keep my Away Team intact, so I'll list that as a positive for this game. "The Squire's Rules" also played havoc with Mark's skill distribution since I think it was largely focused on deadly probes for his snipers, not always on dilemma solving. That's the only thing that kept him from a full win, probably.

Round 2BajoranDan Van KampenFW (+40)
Things went better here. No snipers means I was able to pull a few things out of my discard pile using "Organian Annexation". Some lucky breaks in card draw helped a bit. For example, I happened to grab two "Transwarp Conduit" in short order to mitigate "Cytherians" and had enough ships to deal with Dan's ship combat strategy. Dan's dilemma's also focused on the general lack of equipment in decks, but by chance I happened to have plenty of equipment to mitigate that. This was the only game I was able to score bonus points with Preserver Obelisk. Finally, "Mission Debriefing" managed to stop Dan more than it did me, keeping him from a full win. I had enough personnel out to do two missions in a turn, but he was unable to do so because more than once his crew was stopped after a mission and couldn't go on.

Round 3FederationJoe KallstromFL (-70)
This was as much Joe's good deck as my bad play, at least. He said the deck wasn't working well, but against me it seemed really fast and powerful. He got "Collect Metaphasic Particles" out pretty early and the double turn really helped. He kept forgetting to unstop people, but even then, the recursion in his deck, lots of draws, and free plays kept skills coming back, so "The Squire's Rules" didn't really have the impact on this deck that it did on others. A dilemma strategy that targeted the outpost also would have helped, though my lack of experience means I had never seen that card used before, so I doubt I would have thought of it even then. A good game by Joe. Lack of card draws hurt me again, leaving multiple turns where I couldn't get personnel out, though "Organian Annexation" did allow me to solve one mission and got me close to another.

Closing Thoughts
Fun tournament. I didn't really like the deck all that well, but it was nice to get back into the game and talk to people.