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Mathew McCalpin (Professor Scott)
Tournament Report - 1E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2020-04-03 - 12:00 AM
FederationThis Is The Way
I brought my latest iteration of Latok's UACC Fed Cadet/Group Therapy deck.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
This game regrettably did not take place.

Round 2RomulanJon CarterFL (-100)View opponent's Report
All Hail, the Romulan Star Empire. I simply could not keep up with his report engines and I was out-classed, and out-gassed in short order.

Round 3KlingonBrian SMW (+35)View opponent's Report
A brutal game against the battle ready Klingons. Despite some tremendous loses and a couple of report with crew drops, I was able to complete a mission for a MW.

Round 4RomulanPopeFL (-100)View opponent's Report
Amoebas and Ambushes and Romulans, oh my! I was ill prepared for the Threats from both above and below the missions.

Closing Thoughts
Despite some great drawing mechanics, it still seems to play to slow for the current meta, but that may be due more to PEBKAC than anything else. *(Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)