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Mathew McCalpin (Professor Scott)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2021-06-28 - 09:00 AM
KlingonFederationTOS Monologue
I am playing a TOS Fed Benefactor deck build around Captain Kirk and his 7 skills. This deck was designed to finish off my Opening Monologue achievements and to play around with Benefactor-ing.

Round 1Niall MatthewFL (-70)
Niall played a 3 quadrant, 6 space mission deck with a Starfleet-only variant of These Are The Voyages, with Chef as the only true Fedie. This only messed up 1 combo as I was running 1 P, 1 S, and 4 S/P dilemma combos. The fact that they don't die is a bit annoying, and with I've Been Waiting For You he can swap them out at will. He Cryos a Off-Zel Vase for bonus point fun on top of his wormhole-ing ways. As always a fun experience though I only managed 1 mission.

Round 2DominionJon CarterFL (-75)View opponent's Report
Jon played a Dominion Infiltration deck. He walled in Martok to my ship 1st turn and began Dialing M on my crew and managed to kill Khan whom he valuable prisonered for a base 11 Strength. He was running a Diplomacy-denial dilemma strategy and with my Benefactor spreading Diplomacy around, lets just say Jon had a very target rich environment; almost too rich. Cytherians took my ship out of the picture, but I was able to stumble through a 25 pt mission to avoid the shut out.

Round 3ByeBY (0)
Bye, nothing to see here.

Closing Thoughts
I failed to notice the DS9 folks don't have AU icons, so despite mentioning Captain Kirk they don't share his skills. Most of them do SD Classic equipment so all was not lost. I only managed 55 points in 2 games so this one needs some rework.