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Mathew McCalpin (Professor Scott)
Tournament Report - 1E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2022-09-05 - 09:00 AM
Figured I try running without Relentless in order to Red Shirt and use Implants.

Round 1Niall MatthewFL (-65)

Round 2HirogenManuel Rupprecht FW (+30)

Round 3Bruce ParrishFW (+70)

Round 4RomulanJon CarterFL (-65)View opponent's Report

Round 5Joe KallstromFL (-35)

Closing Thoughts
I don't feel like not having Relentless hurt me that much, nor do I feel like the Implants helped. The Redshirting really only speeds you up if you can start at your planet mission. If you have to move from space you pretty loose the 2 turn redshirt advantage.