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Mathew McCalpin (Professor Scott)
Tournament Report - 1E - Trek Masters
2022-11-14 - 12:00 AM
BorgThe Ultimate Answer Mark II
TNG Borg after The Ultimate User ban with minor tweaks. Future version would drop the Q-Net and replace with an Activate Subcommands in Q's Tent. Perhaps drop the BBD and replace with a seeded Holodeck Door to neutralize Emergent Life-form. Also drop a NZ planet and replace with The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree if I really wish to sell that I am not playing TNG Borg during mission phase.

Round 1BorgKris SonstebyFL (-100)
Turn 1 he staffs his cube and gateways over to my cube to establish a Tractor Lock on my TNG Cube and game over, man. Game Over!

Round 2HirogenJoseph WisniewskiFW (+49)

Round 3RomulanPaddy TyeFL (-10)

Round 4ByeBY (0)
HsuDoNim concedes pregame.

Round 5Imperial StarfleetMaggie GeppertFW (+25)