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Ensign q (Ensign Q)
Tournament Report - 1E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2020-04-03 - 12:00 AM
thought this was the release tourny report first.

Round 1KlingonBrian SMW (+55)View opponent's Report
i playtested against him, so i was prepared for his mass computer crashes. since his deck is a slowroller that play in alpha, so black holes ate him up.

Round 2FederationStephen PFL (-100)

Round 3HirogenCharlie PlaineML (-45)View opponent's Report
Plaine played the og version of this deck, mostly. so a lot of missions were doubld and alpha was empty Space only. Exept Wormhole Navigations. I downloaded Olarra to his Equinox via Museum of Kyrian Heritage. And because I also run a battle bridge I could attack and damage him, killing the crew. Because Im stupid I forgot to finish it off on the next turn and so I lost later.

Round 4FederationGreg DillonFL (-100)
Latok cheesed the hell out of his missions, running only high point Planets and no Space, which naturally made a lot of seeds misseeds and since my Spacedilemma are better he pretty much had a free run. Access Archives ftw.

Closing Thoughts
my deck underperformed and i made a lot of mistakes. granted I faced also a lot of non-standard AQ decks which my deck prays on.