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Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Tournament Report - 2E - Trek Masters
2019-03-02 - 10:00 AM
KlingonSix Drink Lucas
Ben's whiskey is good.

Round 1TNGAustin ChandlerFW (+70)
Austin had never experienced the joy of bashing your head into an Overwhelmed pile over and over. After we finished the game, I tried to convince him that the pile can be played around, just like everyone tells me 1E Borg can be played around (though I've never been able to do it). I'm not sure if I convinced him.

Round 2StarfleetBrian SykesMW (+5)
Brian and I both had trouble with each other's dilemmas, and were only at a mission each when time was called. He had the skills for the 8-pointers, so I wasn't getting the kills, but I also wasn't putting much under with each attempt. Fortunately, I'd solved first, so he didn't have any of those Starfleet bonus points.

Round 3BorgMichael Van BreemenFL (-60)
Even though I lost, my favorite play of the tournament was in this game. I smelled some Tactical Disadvantage action coming, so I opted to play the Enterprise-A instead of the Assimilator, and held off on playing a ship for a while to make it look like I'd been digging for one. It paid off - he hit me with it on my first attempt, and revealed two Cubes, which wasn't enough to beat an Assimilator, the A, and a Merc ship. I one-shot solved space, but then didn't manage to solve another mission before he won.

Round 4TOSJohn Paul VeaseyFW (+65)
Despite playing lots of Medical personnel, I think I killed three with all three copies of Tsiolkovsky - I just kept hitting the Medical with things like Temptation. With that kind of luck, and with the Enterprise giving me the 10 points I needed to ignore the Phoenix, the Veez didn't have much of a chance.

Round 5BorgJohn CorbettFW (+65)
Speaking of bad luck, I thought I was in trouble when I only had a couple of events in core for John's first few attempts. I do have some stuff I can do if my events get nuked or something, but the biggest help is that John simply didn't have enough mission skills in play, and kept getting failing to solve on skills. Meanwhile, the random personnel that composed my deck really stepped up and had all the skills I needed for John's dilemmas, and I was able to solve my missions pretty quickly.

Round 6BajoranPhil SchraderFW (+65)
Phil kept getting into situations where he had or could generate 4 of the 5 skills he'd need to avoid the 8-coster kills, but couldn't quite get there. The Assimilator's 10 range helped me out a lot in this game, since it allowed me to hop around a bit and avoid stacking too many Games on any one mission. I'm glad he never made it to Assess Contamination, because doing without Overwhelmed against such an efficient skill-cheating deck would have been rough.