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Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Tournament Report - 2E - Online Event
2022-10-07 - 12:00 AM
MaquisMaquis Beginner Deck v2 - Playtest
I've been testing a Maquis Beginner Deck with a kill pile, but I wanted to try it out in a live tournament. I set myself some beginner rules: minimal skill tracking (only name skills in the mission requirements with ACE/Guillotine) and Cascade Virus early and often, just use it for a tempo advantage rather than to specifically pick anything off.

Round 1CardassianAlexander SchmitzFW (+100)
I discovered in this game that the AI for Tragic Turn is close enough to the image for Overburdened that I should probably not use that version in the beginner deck! Fortunately, despite that mistake, I killed enough on Alex's first attempt that (while I didn't destaff him) I stopped the solve and set his resources back significantly. Landing a Biogenic Weapon on that mission bought me plenty of time to win, avoiding most of his capture cards. The Fantine did a good job of making Alex think twice about using High Command Motivation, since I'd drop a nice 3-cost Maquis every time he did.

Round 2DominionMichael Van BreemenFL (-80)
I discovered in this game that this deck really should use Alpha 5 Approach (I get almost nothing from its absence and other people benefit a lot). The lack of skill tracking hurt me significantly, but also Michael was just very good at only risking the skills he needed, especially when I forced him in to a mission he rarely needs to complete. It was in this game that I decided that Alarming Rumors just isn't a beginner card, I may replace it with something like Uninvited (which would have been very helpful).

Round 3VoyagerTed ReebelMW (+1)
I discovered in this game that I think I need to put some more basic killing dilemmas in the pile. I had a couple rough dilemma draws versus MVB, and that continued here (possibly worse because I kept drawing the three "for each headquarters mission" dilemmas, rather than consuming them). However, when I'd hit, I'd really hit, and was able to really set him back a few times (as well as set it up so he'd need to solve all 5 missions). That got me enough time to get a planet and a space before the end of the game.

Round 4DominionBrian SykesMW (+15)
I didn't discover much in this game, but consuming a single ACE would have been nice. Still, I didn't have any full blank dilemma draws, so I shouldn't complain. I tried just crop dusting my missions early on to avoid the point loss from the HQ, but I had an early accidental solve at EFF. That locked me into 4 missions, since I sure wasn't getting any Odo points. I did get a couple attempts in on my 4th mission, but only one dilemma under. Time was called on Brian's last turn (I went first), and I won with three missions completed.

Closing Thoughts
Got some good data about this deck, thank you everyone for putting up with a Maquis denial deck in a fun tournament!