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Scott Baughman (Neelix)
Tournament Report - 1E - Qo'noS Regional
2014-05-10 - 10:00 AM
KazonKazon Krazy v 3.5

Round 1BajoranFederationRyan SuttonFL (-7)
Ryan was Not playing Borg today. It was a pretty unexpected deck. My dilemmas really shined here thanks to a good seeding at The Baku planet with Dead End and then a Cool Combo of a Volcano and Denevean Neural Parasites along with a Hazardous Duty at his other planet next door. But Ryan wa king of making me lost points with his dilemmas this game, subtracting 37 points from my total with two The Higher The Fewer and two Edo Probe! During the game I realized that I didn't need Bareil to download Ablative Armor and so instead used him to download an Engineering Kit to get past a copy of The Cloud. Thanks to Ryan's point loss dilemmas I would have had 130 points plus a few more from Aftermath II, but instead he used his Q - Ref download to get You Are A Monument so that I had no hope of winning the game with mission points. But we are Kazon! We could just go Commandeer your ship and steal some equipment for bonus points. My dilemmas - including a Kazon Bomb killed all of Ryan's personnel in play - Twice! I used a Spacedoor to download a Kazon Boarding Pod but before I could go through the printed Wormhole in Aftermath II, Ryan used his Space-Time Portal to return his empty Enterprise-E to hand. "You better run from the Kazon!" I yelled, but it was no good. I could have gone over and commandeered his Injector Assembly One, but I didn't want the modified win. Ryan finally drew through his entire 80 card dream deck and found the Paul porter he needed to download PADD to pass my Executive Authorization. Ryan gets the full win with about 3 minutes left. After the duplicate Edo Probe and The Higher the Fewer and my wiping out his entire crew twice, Ryan christened our game - Oh SH!T, he did it again! A great game and any match where my opponent has to run from the Kazon AND needs Your Are A Monument is a moral victory for the Kazon deck!

Round 2BajoranFederationJeremy NorrisFL (-60)
I got my best start of the day with several free plays and attempted a mission before Jeremy. But his first dilemma combo was Personal Duty, Command Decisions and then Subspace Fracture to kill all of my personnel on my first mission attempt. It was all downhill from there for me. Later in the game I was able to get Cullah and two more Kazon in play to solve Salvage Operation, but it was no hope for catching up to Jeremy's deck.

Round 3FederationMatthew McClainFL (0)
My first time playing Matthew was the previous night/morning doing Warp Speed, and I did poorly. My brain was so fried in this game that I missed my chance to Commandeer his USS Defiant and instead travelled through the wormhole to the AQ and Boarding Party to Commandeer his Shuttlepod. Whoops. I still made some good comeback plays but he had seeded Three Kobiyashi Maru and shut me down for three turns with an Access Denied. I had a chance to win, seven after his You Are A Monument but Kobiyashi Maru randomly selected Cullah on my final mission attempt at Kazon Confernce.

Closing Thoughts
All of my opponents had to play You Are A Monument.