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Nathan Miracle (GooeyChewie)
Tournament Report - 1E - Qo'noS Regional
2014-05-10 - 10:00 AM
BajoranFederationI Stoled This Deck!

Round 1FederationMatthew McClainFW (+100)
This game was a comedy of errors. It started with Matthew trying to do something which would put his personnel into house arrest. Later he tried to steal Espionage Mission, but attempted with too few personnel. I also screwed up by playing Quinn to cancel a Loss of Orbital Stability, which caused me to finish my second mission with 80 points instead of 85, meaning I had no reason to save George and Gracie. Instead of fighting through another of Matthew's combos, I decided to steal his Pegasus Search by nullifying my own V'ger with Guinan and allowing the Delta Flyer to carry the Cytherians, while the crew of the Future Enterprise swooped in to finish the mission.

Round 2BajoranFederationRyan SuttonFL (-100)
I effectively lost this game in the seed phase. Homefront dealt a back-breaking blow by disallowed me from using Office of the President's free report engine. I slogged through several dilemmas at Signal for Rescue, but after a few gender-related dilemmas I did not have the strength to complete the mission. I left Matriarchal Society there, along with Captain Kirk, in hopes that his ability to "stop" a female would help me protect the mission. Alas, Ryan brought three of the fairer gender and stole the mission. With the poor placement of the rest of my missions, I spent the rest of the game flying about while Ryan cruised to victory.

Round 3BajoranFederationJeremy NorrisML (-15)
Jeremy and I noticed a few similarities between our decks, such as all six of our missions and most of our seed cards. With a plethora of dilemmas protecting each mission, neither of us were able to get a completion. Jeremy had been the first seed the time location for George and Gracie, so I had to draw into my whales. I completely misunderstood how the Q the Referee and Tribunal of Q work, so when Jeremy downloaded Temporal Vortex to get his TOS personnel, I thought I had a huge advantage. I would simply play my TOS guys like normal and save my download to retrieve the whales! As a result, I ended up with a bunch of cards in my hand and had to use a Quinn to cancel Sorched Hand. Later Jeremy downloaded his Temporal Vortex from his discard pile to get to the Institute, and I tried to stop him on the grounds that he had already downloaded a card with that title. Jeremy explained that because he had used the Q the Ref download before, instead of Tribunal of Q, he could get the Temporal Vortex, so he saved his whales for 15 points. I could have saved mine, but since I had played Quinn, I would only have been at 10 points. If I had understood how the Q stuff works, I could have been playing those TOS guys all along and not have needed to cancel the Hand, and could have forced a true tie. Instead, with Jeremy's deck gone and mine down to 5 cards, I initiated a hail Mary and attempted a mission with 18 personnel... only to hit The Higher The Fewer and Dead End. I lost with -23 points.