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J (The Mad Vulcan)
Tournament Report - 2E - Canadian National
2014-11-22 - 10:00 AM
BorgAll Dead, All Dead
I decided to play something different, in an attempt to catch the other players unprepared. The flaw being that the deck itself was fairly unrefined. The games it lost were close, so perhaps a tighter build would have helped, though it had no real shot against Ken's deck.

Round 1StarfleetBren TuftsFW (+50)
I've been waiting to play against Bren for a long time. At his first attempt, I tossed Inequitable Exchange and stole his Admiral so that my Dignitaries and Witnesses would be useful late game. My second dilemma didn't do much, but my Maxwell steal had managed to pick off one requirement for each half of the mission attempt. After that, I moved over and beamed drones onto his ship to get some new drones and attacked with The Will of the Collective to get more. I got 3 drones here and that really got things running well.

Round 2TOSMichael Van BreemenFL (-30)
Mike went planet first and that gave me a chance to pick off some good drones. Then I went out to attempt. Unfortunately, his dilemmas were a bit more to over come than I could handle even with Knowledge and Experience. At my first attempt, I used two K&E but that only reduced the damage of his Consume and Kill pile but did not allow the solve. On my next go, Mike threw Uninvited to get the cost 0 Bold Plan and Consume 2 ACEs thereby cleaning my clock. I was too slow to realize that, even with no K&E I could have countered it with Adapt (as one had been consumed earlier) and that mistake made it so I did not have a mission complete. Still, don't think I would have one as just getting dilemmas under the next mission would have been quite costly. Mike beat me on his next turn.

Round 3BajoranTOSKenneth TuftsFL (-100)
I had no real shot in this game. Ken was playing Rocket Ship and did not leave home until he was ready to get off. I didn't have any dilemma cheaters in this deck nor any event destruction. I could have used the Queen's Cube, but Ken never left anyone on the ship at his homeworld. I did give a casual go at missions late in the game but all his dilemmas required Treachery and therefore kicked my Borg ass all over town.

Round 4KlingonRichard DeLashmitFL (-25)
A pretty close game, really. Richard went to planet first and this was a great opportunity for me to clean up on drones, but I failed to prevent the solve on his first attempt (pathetic) and he retreated back home. So it wasn't until his second mission attempt (at space) that I got drones. Then I cleaned up at a planet with K&E, but Richard had a similar pile to Mike and i took quite a lot of K&E just to reduce the death toll. I solved planet and went to space, but Richard got one particular ACE to off my only Science in play. So I spent a few turns trying to draw it Cheater interrupts and Science, but failed on the latter. Since it was needed for the mission and I needed to win that turn, I flew over to Richards planet mission and attempted to assimilate Science from him, but alas, he had none. Richard spent all of his resources to draw a Security out of his deck, but once he had one (on the last possible draw to still play it (cost 3 Gowron), he was able to solve his 3rd mission without me getting any dilemmas

Round 5ByeBY (0)
I sat out the last round after sucking so hard in the first 4, so I got to watch the other player's games. Little did I know, but I still had one Klingon drone in my deck, which I would find later that day. So Richard had an illegal deck in R5. The Borg have prevailed!

Closing Thoughts
I've always been a big fan of Borg, but getting the deck just right will take some refinement playtesting.