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Brian Sykes (Armus)
Tournament Report - 2E
2023-04-28 - 06:00 PM
VoyagerKid Stipulations 2: 2 Kids, 2 Stipulations
The first Kid Stipulations tournament a couple of months back was a lot of fun, so the boys wanted to do a sequel. As a recap: The tournament is Standard Complete Constructed, but I have to build a Hall of Fame-legal deck (aka a "Raw Dog" situation). Then, each kid gets to name a stipluation that I have to follow as long as I can still build a deck that can plausibly win. For this event, the two stipulations were "No Headquarters, and at least one space mission" (because Allen wanted to shoot me but didn't want me playing Khan all-planet) and then Micah added "Only 2 ships in your whole deck" ... ok then. That left Voyager, Relativity, or Equinox. Looking at the achievements I didn't have, I decided on Equinox, also because I wanted to try out Pressing On, which I've seen Phil use to good effect in the past but never played myself. I also went for the everybody cost's 3 or more achievement since 3-costers is Equinox's thing.

Round 1TOSstarprince2012FW (+100)
Allen has a chance to take me out early if he could just be a bit patient. Instead he one-shots me with his only ship and battle card. I drop B'Elanna and start repairing things before he can get the stack up. Once I solve my space mission and he realizes that he can't effectively blow me up, he taps out. FW 100-0. Lessons were definitely learned though, and I have the feeling he'll be back with a vengeance.

Round 2TOSMicah SykesTT (0)
Micah played one of his best games of Star Trek yet. He had 9 people and a ship in play on turn 3!! And he was off attempting before I could even get fully staffed. I murdered a lot of weenies this game. A LOT. Death everywhere. But. They. Just. Kept. Coming. Micah solves Secure Strategic Base early with 5, but I get some lucky random selections on the kills and run him out of Diplomacy before he can solve his second mission. Meanwhile, It takes me several turns to work through my space mission, which I'm finally able to solve late, but even with almost all of my people in play he's able to stop my double team at my first planet mission as time expires, so we end up with a 30-30 True Tie.

Round 3ByeBY (0)

Closing Thoughts
I did good business this event: Won the tournament AND lost ratings points. A+ performance. :P. Seriously though, these stipulation gigs are fun. It challenges me as a deckbuilder and makes it so the game is a relatively even playing field with my much less experienced kids. They are getting to know their decks better and better and I think that between their increased knowledge and experience, and more crazy stipulations coming down the pike, it's only a matter of time before one of them gets one over on me and pulls off a big win!