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2008-02-23 - 01:00 PM
2E Draft tournament - Cardassia
# of Rounds:3
Entry Fee:$0.00
Format:Draft - Players choose cards to build a deck at the event.
Card Pool:Limited - A subset of all cards, as determined by the tournament director
Rules:Standard - The preferred rules for all [2E] and [TR] events.
Special Scenario: -
Decklist Required:N
Pre-registration Required:N
Location and Contact Information
Tournament Director: Darren Lacoste
Contact Phone #: Please login to view contact information.
Contact Email: Please login to view contact information.
Host Venue: Sci-Fi City
Address: 6006 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32807
Other Information: My next tournament will be a Modified Dangerous Missions Draft Tournament. It will be on Saturday, February 23, 2008, at 1:00 pm, at Sci-Fi City (6006 E. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32807).

A Modified Dangerous Missions Draft Tournament is one that primarily involves the contents of the "Dangerous Missions" (DM) boxes, release #9 for our beloved card game. Each of the three different types of DM boxes had fixed cards in them, and four random booster packs. The fixed cards were/are as follows:

The Siege (Bajoran)
2 Kira Nerys
2 Bareil Antos
2 Jadzia Dax
Vedek Assembly Transport
2 Revelry
Bio-nerual Computer Core
Deliver Evidence

Generations (Next-Gen Feds)
2 James T. Kirk
2 Jean-Luc Picard
2 William T. Riker
U.S.S. Enterprise -D
2 Shields Up!
Bio-neural Computer Core
Avert Solar Implosion

The Forge (Starfleet)
2 Jonathan Archer
2 T'Pol
2 Charles Tucker III
2 Maquis Vendetta
Bio-nerual Computer Core
Deliver Ancient Artifact

To participate in this tournament, you must bring either: (1) A sealed Dangerous Missions box plus corresponding headquarters mission, or (2) The 11 fixed cards found in one of the three styles of Dangerous Missions boxes, the corresponding headquarters mission, and four sealed booster packs (valid booster packs include: Second Edition Premiere; Energize; Call to Arms; Necessary Evil [no comments, please]; Reflections 2.0; Strange New Worlds; To Boldly Go; Captain's Log; These Are the Voyages; In a Mirror, Darkly; and What You Leave Behind). The corresponding headquarters missions are Bajor (Gift of the Prophets), "TNG" Earth (Cradle of the Federation), and "Starfleet" Earth (Humanity's Home).

Booster packs will be available the day of the tournament for $1 each. In addition, I will be asking each tournament participant for an optional $1 donation; this money will go directly to The Continuing Committee's funds, and will help ensure a strong future for the organized play of our Star Trek: CCG. The prizes for this event will be promotional cards from my trade binder, one per participant.

The rules of the Dangerous Missions Draft Tournament will be read to all participants the day of the event; those familiar with the normal Trek CCG rules will have little trouble adapting to the Dangerous Missions format.

All participants will need to provide their http://www.trekcc.org username/handle as well as their corresponding email address the day of the tournament.

Email dlacoste@cfl.rr.com or send a post to this group with any questions.
Tournament Results
1Rick Kinney 9
2Sean O'Reilly 7FW
3Darren Lacoste 7FL
4John Kinney 5FW
5Ron Oliver 5FL
6CardassianRomulanStarfleetEdward Butler III 3