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2011-08-05 - 09:00 AM
2E Constructed tournament - 2011 Worlds Day One (Heat One)
# of Rounds:5
Entry Fee:10
Format:Constructed - Players build their decks prior to the event.
Card Pool:Complete - All cards
Rules:Standard - The preferred rules for all [2E] and [TR] events.
Special Scenario: -
Decklist Required:Y
Pre-registration Required:N
Location and Contact Information
Tournament Director: Charlie Plaine
Contact Phone #: Please login to view contact information.
Contact Email: Please login to view contact information.
Host Venue: GenCon - Indianapolis
Address: Indiana Convention Center
100 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis City IN 46225
Other Information: 2E World Championships Day 1 Heat 1
Tournament Results
Player NameVPsSoSCVPDiff.
1TNGTobias Rausmann $country20Cadet Project Worlds
2RomulanTyler Fultz $country1760Romulan Tool
3Terok NorJohn Corbett $country1755Everyday I'm Bustlin' (Worlds)
4KlingonBen Hosp $country1668Everything In This Deck Is Bigger Than Yours v1.1 [Worlds 2011 Day 1]
5CardassianNeil Timmons $country1657Can you guess who is Lady Gaga?
6TOSMike Harrington $country16502011 World Championships Day One Heat 1
7TOSJared Hoffman $country15
8VoyagerNat Kirton $country1455
9TNGDS9William Hoskin $country1453day 1 heat 1
10DS9-EarthAl Schaefer $country1451
11BorgAlexander Schmitz $country1450Borgish Flexible Response (July 2011)
12VoyagerJoel Skon $country1449Voyager 2.2
13VoyagerKeith Morris $country1448Voyager Worlds Day 1
14DS9-EarthChris Donati $country1351
15BorgPat Bortz $country1346
16BorgEric Robinett $country1329Your life as it has been is over. (Worlds)
17KlingonDarrell Minott $country12Klingon - For the Win!!
18TNGMichael Van Breemen $country1163TNG Challenge
19CardassianJeremy Benedict $country1161Purple Rain 1.5
20DS9-EarthUnjustly Banned $country1156At School with Jaresh [v1]
21VoyagerMike Burke $country1154
22KlingonKenneth Tufts $country1150James was wrong. The Council confers upon you the rank of Jedi Knight (except in this council we like to kill people a lot)
23BajoranTNGDan Hamman $country1146Ritual Suicide v2
24TOSPhil Schrader $country1143
25CardassianSean O'Reilly $country945Evek's Justice (2011 Worlds)
26Borgstephen lee $country93935 Card Deck Design Series #25 Borg Speed WCE
27BajoranMark Morris $country852Bajorns, who knew? Chopped
28CardassianAltoid $country8502011.Aug.5
29TOSRichard New $country847No Skills for You - TOS v. 1.1
30BorgNathan W $country760
31CardassianEdward Pigman $country746
32StarfleetMatthew Hayes $country741Roseau, Minn., 1969 v.7.0
33KlingonTOSShawn Colson $country6
34KlingonBRADLEY DAVID EIER $country227
35TOSGeoffery Peterson $country221