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2011-09-26 - 12:00 AM
2E Constructed tournament - 2011 Online Event
(League Event - WCT Online)
# of Rounds:4
Entry Fee:Free
Format:Constructed - Players build their decks prior to the event.
Card Pool:Complete - All cards
Rules:Standard - The preferred rules for all [2E] and [TR] events.
Special Scenario: -
Decklist Required:N
Pre-registration Required:Y
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Location and Contact Information
Tournament Director: Unjustly Banned
Contact Phone #: Please login to view contact information.
Contact Email: Please login to view contact information.
Host Venue: Online
Address: www.trekcc.org
Other Information:

WCT Online League tournament #1.2
Pairings will be announced in the discussion thread on Mondays. Players have until the following Monday to get together, play and report the result. Results should be reported in the discussion thread or via PM to RedDwarf.

- LackeyCCG and Skype are required to play.
- Rules/Banned cards in effect at the start of the tournament remain in effect throughout.
- You may NOT change your decks between rounds.
- 2 hour time limit per game.

1st round pairings announced: Monday, September 26th
2nd round pairings announced: Monday, October 3rd
3rd round pairings announced: Monday, October 10th
4th round pairings announced: Monday, October 17th
Final results due: Monday October 24th.

Tournament Results
Player NameVPsSoSCVPDiff.
1VoyagerVladimir Vrbata 1636"Set a course...for home."
2TNGJohannes Klarhauser 1630Opel Kadett, Onlineantrieb
3BajoranStarfleetRichard New 1339Ancient Civilizations
4RomulanDoug Hughes 1336Romulan Surprise ver IV
5Thomas Kamiura 1333
6Terok NorOliver Thust 1329Vitual Headset
7KlingonMichael Van Breemen 1327No Baht-Qul, No Problem
8Neil Timmons 12
9KlingonJ 1039Pencil in Glorious Battle for Each Week This Month
10KlingonTjark Ott 103628-10Klingon - two mission win -
11BajoranRomulanMatt Kirk 103628-55Short Stack: Baj/Rom
12Ben Hosp 1030
13Non-AlignedCharlie Plaine 1027Matt Kirk's NA Thief Deck
14DominionNicholas Yankovec 739Persistant Little Vortas v0.1
15KlingonDS9-EarthMark Morris 736Achievements
16CardassianChris Lobban 733Capture Deck
17BajoranRomulanJeremy Huth 73216All Threes
18Andrew 73213
19Edward Butler III 7FW
20Adam Warpinski 7FL
21Nick Macrino 6
22FerengiKlingDroidDent 2Ferengi Rules!