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2013-05-06 - 12:00 AM
1E Sealed tournament - 2013 Online Event (Mission to Talos IV)
# of Rounds:5
Entry Fee:Free!
Format:Sealed - Players are provided with cards to build a deck at the event.
Card Pool:Complete - All cards
Rules:Warp Speed - Reduced victory conditions for quicker games.
Special Scenario: -
Decklist Required:N
Pre-registration Required:Y
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Location and Contact Information
Tournament Director: Dedicated Director Danny Nuttall
Contact Phone #: Please login to view contact information.
Contact Email: Please login to view contact information.
Host Venue: Online
Address: www.trekcc.org
Other Information:
Tournament Results
Player NameVPsSoSCVPDiff.
Tournament Winner1KazonMatthew Ting 20Voyager Sealed Talos 2.8
2FederationJeremy Huth 17FWTalos IV Warp Speed-Trim
3Jon Carter 17FL
4Kris Sonsteby 1750You're My Boy, Blue... You're My Boy!
5KazonJ 1465Talos IV-2.8- #30
6Christopher Coyle 14FW
7Meinhard S. Rohr 14FL
Extra Participation8Johannes Klarhauser 1456[Sealed] Decent personnel, crap dilemmas
9VidiianPaddy Tye 1450Thaden drops a Stinkface
Extra Participation10VidiianRem Boon 1447warp speed ahead beta
11Andreas Limmer 1165
12VidiianKenneth Tufts 11FWTalos IV 2.8 Fast, Faster, Voyager. v1
Random Prize13Daniel Matteson 11FLLet's Just Get This Over With
Extra Participation14VidiianMark 1153Talos 2/08: Warpspeed Voyager
Random Prize15VidiianChris Lobban 1150Warp Speed Sealed
16Non-AlignedVidiianWilliam Hoskin 1144voyWS
17wmspringer 859
18Chris Morse 8FW
Random Prize19bunz 8FL