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2008-04-06 - 11:00 AM
2E Draft tournament - Andoria Regional
# of Rounds:5
Entry Fee:$30
Format:Draft - Players choose cards to build a deck at the event.
Card Pool:Limited - A subset of all cards, as determined by the tournament director
Rules:Standard - The preferred rules for all [2E] and [TR] events.
Special Scenario: -
Decklist Required:N
Pre-registration Required:N
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Location and Contact Information
Tournament Director: David Kuck
Contact Phone #: Please login to view contact information.
Contact Email: Please login to view contact information.
Host Venue: Apache Mall Food Court
Address: *REGIONAL*
Apache Mall Food Court
Hwys 52 South & 14 East
Rochester, MN, 55902
Other Information: This is what I call the infamous "Rainbow Draft".
Cost will be $22 if you bring your own Dangerous Missions foil cards or $30 if I supply one for you. I will have a limited number available so e-mail me to reserve one, otherwise, it's first come, first served.
What do you get for this entry fee? You get one of every booster booster pack released by Decipher to draft from. That's 11 packs!
Yes, that's correct, you will get one of each of the following packs:

* 2E Premiere
* Energize
* Call to Arms
* Necessary Evil
* Reflections 2.0
* Strange New Worlds
* To Boldly Go
* Captain's Log
* These are the Voyages
* In a Mirror Darkly
* What You Leave Behind

Since we're drafting so many packs, I've proposed the following rule changes (which we've discussed and conditionally approved on the MN Message Boards):
Minimum Deck size: 35 cards (instead of 25 cards)
Minimum Dilemma Pile size: 20 cards (instead of 10 cards)
Winning condition: 100 points or more (instead of 70 points or more)

All other Dangerous Missions rules would remain in effect if this change is approved.

Naturally, there are no deckchecks or decklists required for this event since it's draft.

This is going to take 6 rounds. Please arrive on time.
Worst case, if the Mall is going to close before we can get the 6th round in, this may be shortened to a 5 round tournament.

Q1) Can I bring just the Dangerous Missions cards?
A1) Yes. Since all of the booster packs required will be provided, you only need the Dangerous Missions cards and the corresponding Headquarters Mission. I also still have a limited number of Dangerous Missions packs available if required.

Q2) Won't timing be a little tight?
A2) Potentially. The Mall Opens at 11:00am and is scheduled to close at 7pm. This means we need to start drafting at 11:30am sharp to ensure enough time for drafting, deck building, and playing. Please, please, please, arrive on time. It is also very difficult to add people in once drafting has begun. Once we start, no new participants will be allowed unless previously discussed (prior to tournament start) and steps taken to accommodate this. Remember, this is a Level 2 event. I believe we can all handle the seriousness of this and can handle the time restrictions imposed.

Q3) Prizes?
A3) Definitely! The amount of prize support is not finalized yet, but at minimum, each participant will be receiving a Parek Foil card! The winner of the tournament will be receiving a Tragic Turn foil card. A random participant will also be receiving a Tragic Turn foil card. As for other prizes, I plan to augment the prize support with various foils and possibly some other items from my personal collection.
Tournament Results
1RomulanStarfleetKevin Jaeger 15
2David Kuck 1346186
3BajoranKlingonKris Sonsteby 1346178
4Preston Holida 12
5Caleb Grace 1150
6Barry Windschitl 1149
7Ryan Mahannah 1142180
8Jody Lamb 1142172
9StarfleetZach Magnuson 1137mmm, Food Court Cheese
10Aaron Arnold 1043
11Mike Harrington 1042
12Ian Parmenter 1038172
13TNGMatthew Hayes 1038168
14Josh Grace 945
15Kevin Peterson 943
16CardassianStarfleetJeremy Benedict 934
17Mike Maurer 843
18Nate Lindgren 840
19BajoranAltoid 837
20Adam Warpinski 741
21Valerie Magnuson 740
22Abe Warpinski 738
23Leo Matoush 735