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Joanne Kinney (Jojo)

Lifetime Stats

  • Highest 2E Overall Rating: 1502
  • Highest 2E Constructed Rating: 1527
  • Highest 2E Sealed Rating: 1499
  • Longest 2E Winning Streak: 4 Games - (5 times, most recently 2012-01-07 to 2012-01-21)
  • Longest 2E Losing Streak: 8 Games - (2011-10-15 to 2011-11-19)
  • Current 2E Streak: Losing (2 Games since 2012-05-20)

2E Posted Decks

RecentBajoranCardassianDominionRomulanTNGDS9-EarthTOSDS9Terok NorNon-Aligned
DominionTerok NorJojo's Last Deck
This is a dual-headquarter Slipstream deck. Score some bonus points with Distant Explorations and Debate Over Dinner for a one-mission win.
TNGNon-AlignedNotso Aligned Earth ThiNG
A non-aligned deck using TNG-Earth. Mostly integrity personnel, but a few not so nice people too.
DS9DS-9 Starter
A sealed Decipher Starter deck with four sealed Decipher booster packs. We open the booster packs and add/exchange cards with those in the starter deck to make our tournament deck.

2E Tournament Record

2E Head to Head Record

Date/TimeRankRating ChangeBadge