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Matthew P (flyinhawaiian)

Lifetime Stats

  • Highest 1E Overall Rating: 1627
  • Highest 1E Constructed Rating: 1599
  • Highest 1E Sealed Rating: 1516
  • Longest 1E Winning Streak: 6 Games - (2020-01-10 to 2020-07-04)
  • Longest 1E Losing Streak: 3 Games - (3 times, most recently 2020-11-06 to 2020-12-04)
  • Current 1E Streak: Winning (3 Games since 2020-12-04)

1E Posted Decks

KlingonHirogenVidiianFinal Mission to Talos IV
Built in Lackey, but uploaded as a Rainbow tracker deck.
KlingonTNG Klingon Talos IV
Classic Klingon Armada with a TNG twist.
RomulanWe... are back. Which is cool.
Kitchen sink TNG Romulan Neutral Zone deck including The Genesis Device and Parallax Arguers.

1E Tournament Record

1E Head to Head Record

Date/TimeRankRating ChangeBadge
2021-03-22 12:00 AMUpcoming