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Blake Mandalis (Devoras)

Lifetime Stats

  • Highest 2E Overall Rating: 1586
  • Highest 2E Constructed Rating: 1586
  • Highest 2E Sealed Rating:
  • Longest 2E Winning Streak: 5 Games - (2008-08-15 to 2010-01-23)
  • Longest 2E Losing Streak: 5 Games - (2008-06-27 to 2008-08-15)
  • Current 2E Streak: Losing (1 Games since 2010-06-26)

2E Posted Decks

FerengiNon-AlignedStealing From the Past
Ferengi Thief
DS9-EarthBlake Mandalis' Qo'noS Regional Deck - May 2010
A DS9 Earth deck played by Blake Mandalis at the Qo'noS Regional on May 8th, 2010.
DS9-EarthDeep Blue Mk II
North American Continental Championship - Day 2 - 7th Place

2E Tournament Record

2E Head to Head Record

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