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Mark (soggy_amphibian)

Lifetime Stats

  • Highest 2E Overall Rating: 1490
  • Highest 2E Constructed Rating: 1490
  • Highest 2E Sealed Rating:
  • Highest 1E Overall Rating: 1484
  • Highest 1E Constructed Rating: 1483
  • Highest 1E Sealed Rating: 1488
  • Longest 2E Winning Streak: 1 Games - (2013-05-20 to 2013-05-20)
  • Longest 2E Losing Streak: 1 Games - (2 times, most recently 2013-05-20 to 2013-05-20)
  • Current 2E Streak: Losing (1 Games since 2013-05-20)
  • Longest 1E Winning Streak: 3 Games - (2 times, most recently 2012-03-05 to 2012-04-01)
  • Longest 1E Losing Streak: 8 Games - (2 times, most recently 2011-02-19 to 2011-05-13)
  • Current 1E Streak: Losing (2 Games since 2015-11-21)

2E Posted Decks

StarfleetMirror Starfleet IDIC
Deck and rest of description by by Sean O'Reilly: This deck is 100% mirror using Starfleet and Non-Aligned personnel and ships. It is eligible for the IDIC achievement. The idea is to play lots of early quickly using Straight and Stready/At What Cost?, Surprise Party, Guardian's Advice, and Party Atmosphere. Miles O'Brien makes ships cost less. In a Mirror Darkly is ironic protection if your personnel all die.

2E Tournament Record

2E Head to Head Record

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1E Posted Decks

DominionDo You Wanna Play Dominion? 'Cos It's Gonna Get Achievements.
Dominion Gamma Quadrant Block Deck. No Jem(hadar) or the Holograms.
CardassianMinecraft Cardassians
I'm running out of things that sound Blocky to indicate Block decks. DS9 Cardies for a Block tournament.
RomulanTalos 3.11: 2e Romulans Don't Make A Right
Decipher-era cards, need to have at least 4 2e seed cards, and a bunch of 2e cards in the deck.

1E Tournament Record

1E Head to Head Record

Date/TimeRankRating ChangeBadge

Tr Posted Decks

Soggy's Online Outing 001
My first Tribbles deck, played in the first Tribbles Lackey tournament
Soggy's Online Outing 002
My second Tribbles deck, played in the second Tribbles Lackey tournament
Soggy's Online Outing 003
My third Tribbles deck, played in the third Tribbles Lackey tournament

Tr Tournament Record

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