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Recently Filed Tournament Reports
Klingon1st Place - Robin Honeycutt (robin1234)
Glad to have a nice gathering at my home, where I defended The Romulus Region Title
Dominion7th Place - Greg Dillon (Latok)
Play Bashir to the opponent, capture him with Keevan, use Skalaar to \'rescue\' Bashir on to your ship and now you have the opponent\'s Bashir present with Khan and Odo for a permanent global -2 and recurring Pseudopods. TR-116 can pick off attribute boosting personnel and just high attributes overall.
Dominion1st Place - Jason Tang (Pants o.t. Tal Shiar)
After some stupid mistakes cost me the first three games of the online regional, I tweaked the deck ever so slightly and gave it another shot to see if I could finally play it right.
Klingon6th Place - Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Borg2nd Place - James Heaney (BCSWowbagger)
After playing this deck at the Andoria regional and failing to defeat Kevin Jaeger with my \"let\'s get mod wins without solving missions\" Borg deck, I wanted to try it again. It seemed like it had good bones and might finally -- finally -- deliver me my first win of a high-level event. At the very least, it would let me be on the offensive in what I understood to be the terrifying and cutthroat Online Meta for my first-ever online event. Drones? Ha! Weak-kneed solver Borg? Ha! What I was worried about were homeworld decks and hologram decks... but I thought I could handle even those.

I spent a few days trying to make large revisions to my Regionals build, but ran out of time and reverted most of them. Just as well. I just hoped I wouldn\'t face Charlie Plaine, at least not early on, since I knew this deck specifically presses every one of his buttons about 1E: it\'s Borg, it ignores the ordinary rules of play, and it completely locks you out.

Vidiian7th Place - Brian Sykes (Armus)
I wanted to see if Organ Theft coming off the ban list made Vidiians anything resembling playable. Results were.... mixed, to say the least.
Terok NorNon-Aligned3rd Place - Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
This deck is a mix of Infestation and 8472 dilemmas along with the missions that work with them.
Vulcan1st Place - Robin Honeycutt (robin1234)
First, walking through the Boston Airport with my NEW. ENGLAND SUCKS! And BRADY SWALLOWS shirt , was a great start to my trip, Thank you Chris O’c for the ride from The airport. The venue was awesome, Great space and very nice. Great to meet Matt,Chris Morse, and Chris O’c.
Klingon3rd Place - Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Thanks to Robin and Austin for flying over and playing some Trek!
Romulan2nd Place - Matthew Zinno (commdecker)
For the Romulus Regional, I brought an update of my “Distant Control” deck that I had played online last year. And I met and faced some visitors from out of town!