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Recently Filed Tournament Reports
Romulan2nd Place - Greg Dillon (Latok)
Federation2nd Place - Suden Käpälä (SudenKapala)
Since this is my first-ever public \'mission report\', this one is going to be a bit long. First off, a few notes about me and my participation in Worlds 2019. I already thought of attending last year\'s Worlds (in the UK) and the previous Kaiserfest, but that didn\'t work out. Now I really wanted to be present for at least one World Championships bout, so I was glad that Latro was willing to make the journey with me. Initially -- given my experiences in casual games and reading about tournaments on the foum -- I was certain that I wouldn\'t want to join any event myself. I thought I\'d be happy just to be a spectator. Not that I didn\'t want to experience a tourney; I was afraid that I was too new at Organised Play to not be in anybody\'s hair. But in the week running up to our departure, people on the boards asked if I\'d join; and when I voiced my doubts, they waylaid them. So I got enthusiastic about it, and the idea grew on me. Even the horror (for me) of building a deck from scratch in only a few hours\' time (or less), started to weigh less than the possibility of playing against new opponents from all-over, and getting an \'official standing\' on the website (I had been getting curious about achievements, rating, and the tourney registration system), and... getting so many new cards and playing with them. A number of people told me that the TNG Sealed event would be easiest to get into the fray with (and they were right). So I pre-registered for that. But since the Reflections sealed event would only contain Traditional cards, that, too, appealed to me. To try to keep the delays due to my inexperience to a minimum, I really had to \"overclock\" my brain -- both during construction (for notes on the decks: see the respective deck lists) as well as the actual gameplay. That means that I had some starting headaches, and it was quite a stressfull handful of days for me. But I knew that in advance, and I have not at all regretted any of it! It was awesome. On the other side of the table, concessions were quite probably made, too. People were patient and helpful with both me and Latro (who was even more novice at this than I am -- but that might balance out better for him because he\'s a more of a relaxed kind of person).
Terok NorNon-Aligned2nd Place - Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
This deck uses high strength personnel mostly to meet the attribute requirements of the missions more easily. The skills needed are also plentiful with the same personnel.
TNG7th Place - Martin Drake (Warrior50)
this was a deck for achievement of playing a deck with 10 future cards,10 Past cards and 10 AU cards. Also for the Chairman\'s challenge
Dominion14th Place - Niall Matthew (sexecutioner)
So I spent months fine tuning and altering my classic Dominion solver/battle hybrid. I added Mission II\'s to get to the Delta Quadrant just in case I faced one of Slaby\'s classics. I went for a two mission win: Internment Operations and Diplomatic Conference, with the ability to get bonus points through Training Ring and Ultimatum. I designed the deck to take on Kazon fleets and Borg Cubes. Over 100 test draws brought the perfect hand every time; At least one Vorta, Jem\'Hadar, Obedience Brings Victory, and the occasional bonus of a Founder. Time to play....
KlingonFederation6th Place - Johan Skoglund (scox)
Opening the packs I saw quite a lot of good personnel rolling by, and already in first pack I got a Devidian door - score! Turned out I pulled another 6 Devidian doors in the end, for a total 7 devidian doors in one box. Crazy. However, I started to see a trend quite soon, I was not pulling any dilemmas, at least not any good or rare ones. And in the end I did not draw a single rare dilemma. Not great in sealed play. But I did draw a wopping 32 artifacts. I was even thinking about simply stocking the seed deck with artifacts only, early cool deck achievement? Anyway, quite clear Decipher had A LOT of AU product they wanted to get rid of based on my box, it was more or less 90% AU cards. Counting them afterwards, I do realise I simply got 5-6 copies of each AU rare, ships, events, everything. \"Only\" one Future Enterprise though.
TNG8th Place - Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
I wore the spots today along with my Trill Triumphant shirt. Much like with NACC, I wanted to have fun and play a good deck that I knew well. I settled on TNG DipHoLe as my choice. This deck uses New Life and Disadvantage Into Advantage to have a huge card advantage over my opponent. I was anticipating Cardie shenanigans, so I put in Swashbuckler at Heart x2 and Jellico.
StarfleetVulcan6th Place - Greg Dillon (Latok)
Federation4th Place - Greg Dillon (Latok)
I went with TOS as a simple, fast deck for Day 1. I had Earth for some battle protection and as a double up for First Contact Borg. I didn\'t have as many tricks as some other TOS players, like Admiral Riker, Guinan or any mirror TOS people. I probably should\'ve used the space mission that can only have one ship battle at it as well.
Romulan11th Place - Greg Dillon (Latok)