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Recently Filed Tournament Reports
KlingonDS93rd Place - Johannes Mette (Johannes Mette)
What could be better than to start the day as German champion! Why? Mr. Road To Worlds was a bit confused and wrote me the following: \"Congratulations on winning the Second Edition German National Championships. I\'ve got some questions for you about your deck for this week\'s Road to Worlds article: [...]\" What a good start to the day!!! After two slices of LEBERWORSCHTBROT and a pot of coffee I was ready.
Romulan5th Place - Brian S (JeBuS)
Pew Pew!
3rd Place - Markus Eberlein (eberlems)
Terran2nd Place - Jason Beyer (sevencrdspud)
Cardassian6th Place - Philipp Scholz (philimann)
Me playing STTCG-CC-German-Nationals-Tournament. Me having the best deck ever!!! Me is the ultimate player!
Ferengi3rd Place - Robin Honeycutt (robin1234)
Had a quick tournament schedule cause it was the only time, we all were free for a few hours, The Game room I have remodeled is a star trek players ideal place to play, limited though, max prolly 10 players would fit max
2nd Place - Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
This was the first deck I\'ve built with Troubles in mind. Not a radical one, I was just aware of what I might expect from a Trouble pile and adjusted a deck accordingly.
Hell's Heart4th Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
Decided to have fun and play Khan!
DS9-Earth1st Place - Rick Kinney (T-Ricks)
This was just a basic weenie deck I decided to try again after a discussion on the Forums regarding the validity of weenie decks as a winning strategy.
Klingon3rd Place - Matthew Zinno (commdecker)
I played a [22] Klingon deck in December\'s online tournament.