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Recently Filed Tournament Reports
TNG1st Place - Johannes Mette (Johannes Mette)
What could be better than WOLF359-TNG? So I updated the Orlando Deck a bit. Causal Recursion and Pivotal Destiny added to create even more suffering. ==> The rules for slipstream must be changed in any case.
FederationVulcan1st Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
Deck was all about point loss, But it also solves fast. The combination was enough to get me the win in my two games.
Borg1st Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
Similar to 2e, I had nothing ready to go. My Romulan deck was still of the still illegal mines from last year. So I decided to learn how to play borg (partially because Robin has been playing a lot of KCA and I thought that a fun counter). So I netdecked a Jaeger deck (if I am going to learn borg, I might as well learn complicated borg). However, when Robin had to pull out, I was left without another built deck. So I terrorized MI with this deck.
Relativity1st Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
So I started the week with no idea what to play and only a Khan deck in working order. While I love those silly genetic supermen I wanted to play something new, so I found Sascha relitivity deck. It seemed small and clean. In a few test runs I got gomtu stuck in the GQ so I added a Torres to the deck (which saved my bacon at least once)
MaquisKCA1st Place - Robin Honeycutt (robin1234)
NYC regional at the lock yard, big prizes, 12 booster. Boxes , 12 virtual promos, and of course the Romulus Title belt! 8 players showed up to play and there were people watching, wonderful atmosphere to play in. Shout out to Bruce for making the trip from NC.
Klingon3rd Place - admiralgary (admiralgary)
Federation1st Place - Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Used the Fed / Rom Treaty so I could still steal missions. Only had Riva for Diplomacy though, so Q-Nets would potentially screw me - hence putting an AU door in the deck.
Non-Aligned3rd Place - Bruce Parrish (Captain Parrish)
I decided to build something totally new before going all the way to New York, and I did, but I also forgot to print it so I had this deck laying around and it seemed cool so it got played. non-aligned 22nd century is crazy fast with war council/ protect the timeline
Starfleet1st Place - Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Because making Whales become Temporal Agents is fun!
Non-AlignedKCA5th Place - Greg Dillon (Latok)
I was failing to build a KCA solver that really inspired me when I realised that they have a fair number of high cost NA personnel and Ezri Dax that can infinitely recur them when combined with Quark. So that reminded me of the deck Shane Brierly played at Worlds last year, I didn\'t get to face him but we did discuss his deck a little bit. So a Infestation/Sabotaged Transporter deck hasitly put together before I got some sleep before my round 2 game against Naetor it was.