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Recently Filed Tournament Reports
Cardassian2nd Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
Klingon4th Place - Jarrod Cafaro (Takket)
o if this deck had a major flaw, which I was afraid of, it was Council of Warriors. The deck is meant to quickly do a Bat’leth tournament and rack up 50 easy points by killing personnel in personnel battle. In all three games, this never came to fruition. With an easy mission like Bat’leth tournament I was almost hoping for dilemmas designed to kill since even if you wipe my people out, all I need is someone with Honor and I’m back in business. But trying to even rush an easy mission on turn 2 or 3 of the game proved to be too problematic with the lack of skill density in play. I only managed to complete CoW once and when I did, it was too late to have any effect. I thought with Empok Nor right there if I needed to Ops download to dial a skill if something stopped me I’d be okay. Nope. Not so much. The killer on this card is the “end of your next turn” and the “unexamined”. If I could planet scan and at least prep for the first dilemma this could be easier, but no such luck. In retrospect I should have waited longer to try to do CoW after building up more personnel so I could use multiple away teams, but I was afraid of opponents running away with the game before I had a chance to get to them to battle. Besides that, the deck is meant to use Empok to get a bunch of weapons so you can mortally wound people and get them in your point box. The dilemma combos are meant to bring people you me so I can slaughter them. This is done with cards like cytherians, Untrustworthy Associate, Conundrum, Alien Parasites… they are part of the overall strategy of getting points from kills, and honestly I really don’t care if the opponent completes missions.
TNG1st Place - Johannes Mette (Johannes Mette)
What could be better than WOLF359-TNG? So I updated the Orlando Deck a bit. Causal Recursion and Pivotal Destiny added to create even more suffering. ==> The rules for slipstream must be changed in any case.
FederationVulcan1st Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
Deck was all about point loss, But it also solves fast. The combination was enough to get me the win in my two games.
Borg1st Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
Similar to 2e, I had nothing ready to go. My Romulan deck was still of the still illegal mines from last year. So I decided to learn how to play borg (partially because Robin has been playing a lot of KCA and I thought that a fun counter). So I netdecked a Jaeger deck (if I am going to learn borg, I might as well learn complicated borg). However, when Robin had to pull out, I was left without another built deck. So I terrorized MI with this deck.
Relativity1st Place - Jon Carter (pfti)
So I started the week with no idea what to play and only a Khan deck in working order. While I love those silly genetic supermen I wanted to play something new, so I found Sascha relitivity deck. It seemed small and clean. In a few test runs I got gomtu stuck in the GQ so I added a Torres to the deck (which saved my bacon at least once)
MaquisKCA1st Place - Robin Honeycutt (robin1234)
NYC regional at the lock yard, big prizes, 12 booster. Boxes , 12 virtual promos, and of course the Romulus Title belt! 8 players showed up to play and there were people watching, wonderful atmosphere to play in. Shout out to Bruce for making the trip from NC.
Klingon3rd Place - admiralgary (admiralgary)
Federation1st Place - Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Used the Fed / Rom Treaty so I could still steal missions. Only had Riva for Diplomacy though, so Q-Nets would potentially screw me - hence putting an AU door in the deck.
Non-Aligned3rd Place - Bruce Parrish (Captain Parrish)
I decided to build something totally new before going all the way to New York, and I did, but I also forgot to print it so I had this deck laying around and it seemed cool so it got played. non-aligned 22nd century is crazy fast with war council/ protect the timeline