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John Walchle (nalan bal)
Tournament Report - 2E - Qo'noS Regional
2018-04-22 - 01:00 PM
TOSDoing the right thing when no one is watching
Brought my TOS Integrity Solver to a murder party! I'd tweaked the deck against Joel's kill pile, then when I heard he wasn't coming un-tweaked it, only to face lots of murder-death-kill. Love playing against these guys - you never know what to expect and get to see cards that don't get played elsewhere else.

Round 1RomulanPat BortzML (+15)View opponent's Report
The Gentleman Mister Bortz playing Romulan. I was concerned about the new Romulan interference cards, but played straight out. Here's where my ring rust showed - 5 dilemmas under, and I go to attempt with 4 thinking it's an auto-solve. The Gentleman asked me if I'm sure I wanted to do that; I think briefly and say yes. He then politely pointed out his TCS mission and drew/played 6 to kill off my micro-crew. Close game but timed out with Pat ahead in points 75-60.

Round 2DominionDerek MarlarFW (+95)View opponent's Report
The Charming Mister Marlar playing Dominion. Got concerned when I saw battle events and the beefy Dominion ship come out, so I hurried to get my space mission done and then do 2 planets. With multiple ships out I could leave the damaged ones at the HQ to get fixed while I attempted, and sped past to win 100-5.

Round 3TOSJohn Paul VeaseyFW (+95)
Our host the Charismatic Mister Veasey with a creative TOS Intelligence deck. Got lucky with my dilemma draws not putting much under his first mission while stopping him, and my deck being able to recover from the kill pile mayhem to finish 100-5.

Closing Thoughts
Kill piles are tricky - they can wipe out crews but put a lot of dilemmas under. The ability to play personnel quickly, play the DS9 crew and Tuvok to my ships, and lots of mission skill redundancy kept me in this one. Thanks to John Paul for running a great tournament - great fun was had by all.