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Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser)
Tournament Report - 1E - German National
2019-07-06 - 11:00 AM
FederationPerverser Obelisk
Goal was to end up with a better record than last year. We will consider that an achievable target, as 0-3 left some potential for improvement.

Round 1BorgJorn EngstromFW (+70)
The deck did what it was supposed to do. Two of my ships took hits from damage dilemmas, but I solved space for 35 reasonably quickly. I had to concede a planet mission that set up the Harness Particle thing, but Misinterpreted History (F the Queen!) and other things delayed Jorn long enough to assemble my Talos IV crew and solve it for the win.

Round 2BajoranCardassianMartin HirschvogelFW (+65)
Hirschi had Verify Legendary Journey as the left-most mission on the spaceline, I set up my outpost two missions in from the right end. I seeded Lack of Prep / Faux Pas under the 40-pointer to steal it, thanks to GO7's dial-a-skill engine (t1 Pike, t2 Kirk, t3 Number One have almost everything to deal with the dilemmas and do the mission, the only thing missing is a 3rd Diplomacy, but that can be downloaded by Starship Enterprise). The steal for 40 points on turn 3 was nice, but it also meant I had to send my Process Ore miners on a mission attempt to trigger the WNOHGB download from Risk is Our Business; they both died to a dilemma, which slowed me down somewhat, and gave Hirschi time to complete a mission and clear two others. In the end the relocation/range reduction from Gomtuu Show Wave at Characterize Neutrino Emissions kept Hirschi from getting back to Bajor (which had been cleared down to a Dead End).

Round 3KazonMeinhard S. RohrMW (+28)
I guessed somebody would be playing Kazon; I had looked at the deck as an option myself, but didn't feel confident enough to play it, and also didn't want to show up yet again with another Meinhard net-deck. Part of my preparation was to sacrifice a better mission for Investigate Anomaly II, include the Battle Bridge Door and some damage dilemmas, Ready Room Door suite, multiple Lt. Tylers, and God to hopefully take down some ships in the alpha quadrant to make one-hitting whatever survived more difficult. Where No One Has Gone Before was supposed to let me do a surprise move to a mission that is maybe underseeded or simply make it more costly (Range/QSD) for the Kazon to follow me around. Somewhat surprisingly I made it through a space mission, but couldn't get past a Lol Yichu' at the other end of the alpha quadrant. This was the only game in which my heel stable dilemma combo got to pearl harbor people and destroy a ship.

Round 4BorgJulius MelhardtFW (+40)
Another Borg deck, this time with a Ferengi mission set. I lost a ship with Kirk and Spock aboard to a four-card combo (Shields Up! > Undetected Beam-In > Contingency Plan > Cytherians) that allowed Julius to assimilate it almost immediately, but red-shipping a mission and ending up clearing a four-card combo was worth it. The mission was in the bag soon, but Julius then made progress himself and completed a second objective after adapting Lizard Lovers. Myself, I solved a planet seeded with Edo Probe (ignored)/Female's Love Scow thanks to Uhura and Scotty on the first try despite a Mission Debriefing, and also cleared Talos IV after discarding some hand cards to get through Thasian Powers.