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Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Online Event
2011-04-06 - 06:00 PM
RomulanWelcome to the Jungle
I gave the Donatra + Assess Contamination sillyness a go.

Round 1Non-AlignedJerad BerhowFW (+100)
Donatra and the mission did their thing, and once the big guns were in play, the other missions were quickly done, too.

Round 2Tjark OttFW (+100)
Tjark didn't draw the best of dilemmas early, so I got through one mission in one go, which gave enough of a head start to win this one.

Round 3BajoranCharlie PlaineFL (-30)
Charlie did a great job at stopping me in space, while I couldn't keep him from doing his first mission. Unfortuanetely, I didn't have enough Range to fly home and get reinforcements, so I was forced to attempt my planet with a relatively small crew. They were stopped with loads under (enough to make sure I could complete next turn), but there were only six people on the planet, so Charlie just barely managed to form two teams that could both beat my guys in combat for a total of 35 extra points and the win. Well-played, Chairman!

Round 4CardassianMatthew HayesFW (+95)
This game went much more smoothly than the previous one, and all the things fell into place nicely to see me through my missions without much trouble. My dilemma pile didn't let me down either.