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Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser)
Tournament Report - Tr Tribbles - Vandros IV Regional
2012-05-12 - 04:30 PM
Why does my wife give me the evil eye every time I score off Naked Dax?
Unfortunately, the 2E Regional ran longer than expected, and because of their long drive home, Tobias and Ivan, as well as our good friends from the Czech Republic couldn't stay for Tribbles. As Tobias will move to northern Germany soon, rescheduling the event was not an option either, so my lovely wife agreed to play.

Round 1 ()
Markus poisoned me a couple of times, but hit only low denominations. I got 100,000 from a Score and some change from Utilize. Flo went out after he copied the Avalanche that Markus had played just before (nobody realized that Flo didn't have the four cards in hand needed to activate the Avalanche). He scored just over 400,000, Markus had ~1,000, and Barbara completed the bonus series for 100,000, which must have triggered her competitive instincts (although she'd never admit to caring one bit for this stuff...)

Round 2 ()
This time I scored a 100K and several 10K from Score and Utilize. It was in this round that Barbara started to freeze my Clone whenever possible. Both Flo and Markus had big stack in their play pile when Markus Replayed his 10 Poison again and hit my 100,000 antidote. After this round, I was just ahead of Flo with ~430K to his ~410K.

Round 3 ()
I went out again and raised my score to just over 600K. This round was relatively quick. My wife kept on freezing my Clone and went to the next level of insults after she repeatedly suffered from me not playing the right cards to make her either get the bonus or go out.

Round 4 ()
This time, it was again Flo who went out, though he had only a single 100K in his pile, which meant we went into the last round with Flo and myself less than 100K apart. Clones were frozen left and right. The atmosphere was icy.

Round 5 ()
This round went on and on and on. Markus developed a special talent for poisoning my 1s, so Flo decided with so many 1s I might be the best target for a Battle - of course, he revealed three very low denominations himself to my 2x 100K and 1x 1K. Eventually, we were all running low on cards, with me having the fewest cards left, so I played Utilize on Markus and Barbara, who were both far behind in points, whenever possible, hoping that one them would go out before I was decked. When I was down to about 5 cards left, I breathed a sigh of relief as Barbara finally went out. She had almost half a million in her play pile, as well as a full series of Bonus, and raised her score from 100K to 680K, which put her ahead of Flo, but wasn't enough to catch up with me, and I won this thing. Don't ask about the two hour car drive to Munich that we had to make right after the tournament.

Round 6 ()
As we ran short on time and were only four players anyway, we decided to call it a (long) day after five rounds.

Round 7 ()

Round 8 ()

Round 9 ()

Round 10 ()