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Joshua Sheets (prylardurden)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - American National
2011-01-15 - 10:00 AM
StarfleetSF Genesis
After work approving my day off finally, I decided I would make the trip to Chicago for US Nationals West. If you are familiar with my series of decks on the 2E Design board, it should not surprise you that I took a somewhat risky deck, Starfleet Genesis. I picked that one based on not usually being able to solve space missions at the last several tournaments I attended, with several different affiliations. With deck decided on, I headed up late Friday night, and, with little sleep, headed out to the College of DuPage Saturday morning. Here is what happened next.

Round 1BorgNeil TimmonsFL (0)View opponent's Report
I hadn't been on the boards Friday to check if there was any new info I should know and was semi-surprised to see Neil. I popped an Oh! Nothing Happened blind, calling Legacy (my pile was not set up to handle that) and Whiffed, a whiff i was ok with. Neil starts doing his Borg downloading thing, and Im putting a crew together. I go out first (I think) and run into the classic Timmons Tragic Turn. I have 7 dilemmas under Genesis, but only 1 personnel on the planet and 1 on the ship. Ouch. At Neils first mission, I make one of my worst plays of the day - I play an SI and he brings in Locutus to pass the following Gomtuu (with bonus points). At his second mission, I give at least 2 more dilemmas for Locutus to score points off. I end up Completing Survey New World, and have enough dilemmas under the other 2 planets if I can get the skills together, but giving up a free mission was too much to recover from and Neil gets the win. Not saying I would have beat him if I hadnt gifted him his mission, but it would have been closer.

Round 2DS9Casey WickumFL (0)
I got smacked around by some free dilemmas that kept hitting for maximum effect (kill 3 on multiple occasions). Eventually solved a mission, but Casey played a solid game and got the win.

Round 3TNGBrian LeonardFW (0)
This one started out badly for me. I got down 80-0 after he walked thru my dilemmas at his first mission and made short work of the second. However, he did 2 planets first, and I cleared out most of my planet-only dilemmas. I was able to hold him off for a little while in space while I pushed thru my missions.

Round 4BorgCharlie PlaineFL (0)
Charlie was playing a borrowed Borg deck and had gotten the hang of what it was supposed to do and was hard-stopping my away teams with 1 or 2 dilemmas each time (B2B was the first 3 of those, i think). I was working on missions but things just did not go my way.

Round 5MaquisMike BurkeFL (0)
The Maquis are a pain to play against :) I got Stalled, Biogeniced, Defiant pinged, Tragic pile'd, you name it. A very effective use of the Maquis and the tricks they have available. 100-0, Mike. This was the third game I ended the game with less than 4 personnel in play.

Round 6ByeBY (0)
Yay for 3 VP! I played a pickup game against Maggie with similar results to the above games. I should actually test the decks more before taking them to Nationals. Overall, a great tournament and a great group of people showing up for the event.