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Joshua Sheets (prylardurden)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Deep Space 9 Regional
2011-04-16 - 11:00 AM
Where to start? I had been considering going to Chicago for this one since Regional schedules came out. But then life started getting in the way. Work started needing more hours and some other assorted things. At 3 AM, Friday Night/Saturday Morning, I made the call to make the drive. I had a deck I had fishbowl'd and gotten some comments on, so I felt I would do OK. Apparently, these feelings were slightly misguided :) I show up about 20 minutes before the tournament starts and there are 14 ppl. Not bad. Al gathers everyone's paper work and makes the first round pairings and I get:

Round 1KlingonMichael Van BreemenFL (-30)View opponent's Report
Well, there goes my CVP tie-breaker :) Seriously, I see him lay down Quonos and am actually somewhat relieved (I was unaware of any insanely goofy strategy for Klingons and I have TCS on the table). Knowing that Riker is probably lurking somewhere, I try to get as many TOS'ers out so I can drop Coordinated Counterattack. Strangely enough, I dont ever see a Riker til very late. I did catch MvB with an early Dreamer to give me some extra time, and he gives me just An Issue Of Trust at my first attempt at AC (he mentioned he was going to be skill-tracking earlier) and thru some random luck I only had 1 Honor and 1 Treachery so I get the mission first try. Then I have to go to DE where he holds me off for quite some time before I get thru (he caught up and got 2 missions done). I end up burying Brute Force to stop him (he attempted with 15 and I didnt get my Fractured Time or other useful items), so I know I have about 1 turn left. I draw cards looking for FtB and dont find it. Hmmm. Ironic that the mission meant to curb MvB's Goval Madness actually won this game for him, I had no skill-cheating out and apparently every TOS person has the same skills as every other TOS person. Attempt fails, and, on his turn, he gets BF for the win.

Round 2StarfleetAmber Van BreemenFL (-30)
Not a fan of Bloody Archer. 40%-ish (?) of the dilemmas in the game dont require skills. I didnt have that many that dont require skill in my pile but it seemed like that was about all I drew. Amber played a great game and even tho I got two missions, I couldnt hold her off long enough to get thru the third.

Round 3BorgMike BurkeTT (0)
Oh, goody - EuroBorg! Mike gets Quintessence out very early (turn 2?) but seems to catch some bad beats on the cards headed to the discard pile (lots of interrupts and events), so I feel a little better. I get out and go home and back trying to make sure I dont leave ppl where they can be taken. I get thru a mission and head back to the HQ to decide how to do the space mission. Mike decides its time to get the queens cube. So much for hiding at my HQ. He comes over and shoots me and gets Rich Daystorm, who is one of my actually smart ppl and not one of the redshirt squad. Then Mike attempts with a couple too many and a BioNeural Device (couldnt draw my fractured time) and I get Fifth and the Queen. I get thru DE but still cant find FtB so I make the call of going to TCS for the game (since time got called and I went first). After a few dilemmas worth of carnage, I have Cunning of 33 and 15 skills. 1 short with no way to cheat so Mike gets a last turn. He gets thru mission 2 (had to K&E) and we are tied with Mike getting another mission attempt. I stop just enough ppl to stop him on attributes and we finish deadlocked. Amazing game against a great guy.

Round 4jason balesMW (+5)
This started of slightly different than my previous games - I had 2 FtB in my opening hand but no cost 4 or more personnel. As we fight back and forth thru the game, I still have not seen hardly any 4 or more cost personnel. I get thru my 2 missions about the same time Jason gets thru his so we are at 70-65, me. As time gets called on his turn (I went first), I decided im sending every dilemma at him when he attempts. He has quite a few ppl out so I hope the I draw into my Timescape but he decides to go with 18 (Timescape was the first dilemma drawn, Fractured time was #2). I pop 9 w/ fractured time, Issue of trust catches and couple more and a few more dilemmas do the trick. The Ferengi have some very impressive tricks for spending extra counters and Jason made good use of most of them.

Round 5RomulanAl SchaeferFL (-30)View opponent's Report
Hmmm, 3 missions duplicated. Al is doing something similar to what I'm doing but neither of us gets a great draw. We are both going slowly and at th ehalfway point of the round, there are a total of 6 dilemmas under missions (3 for each of us). Al almost immediately after that breaks thru AC. I get thru mine about a turn later but get held up in space for a while. I get thru DE but have to hang at the HQ for a while looking for FtB or Navaar so I can cheat past TCS. I get them a little too late and Al gets his third mission. Great game with some 'oops' moments on both sides (his forgetting FSE and mine being not replaying Tal to get past Telepathic-whatever-it-was).