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Joshua Sheets (prylardurden)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Online Event
2011-04-06 - 06:00 PM
DominionDominion Solver, Alpha: Take 2
For the online tournament, I figured I would try to run something I hadnt seen in the recent online tournaments: Dominion. Since the new set was out, I figured Id throw the new Eris in for the round-the-corner points. I also wanted to try out Amat'igan, since kill piles were somewhat rampant lately. 3 '32 or less' Strength missions later, I was ready to go.

Round 1DominionNeil TimmonsFL (-35)View opponent's Report
Great, first game and I'm up against the deck I figured wouldn't show up. I know how to call them. I get off to a decent start (battleship turn 1, gelnon for amat'igan turn 2) and get a nice little crew together. I take an extra turn or so waiting for one of my founders to show up (its nice round tripping across quadrants). In the mean time, Neil starts putting his group together and I realize my dilemma pile could be in trouble. He has the same big ships and possibly the same TD/Gorgan pile, and the only ship I had so far went into play turn 1. So I make the decision to go planet first, at SNW. Approximately 3 turns and 3 Necessary Executions later, he tells me "btw, just like @ worlds... YOU DON'T DO PLANET MISSIONS FIRST!!" He was apparently right. At least my dilemma selections weren't picking Shran a lot, but when they did, NE went back. Not great since I planned on doing to planets first. I finally get thru SNW and repeat the same process at OV, and get 1 attempt in space before Neil breaks thru and gets the win, 100-70. Great game and a learning experience.

Round 2BajoranCharlie PlaineFL (-35)
Charlie is playing Bajoran Resistance and gets several of them out quite quickly. I get an early Energize out but dont get most of my good personnel early so it doesn't help me as much as some other times. I finally find a Gelnon, grabbing Goran'Agar, and head out for the first attempt. I survive the dilemmas and apparently brought the wrong people and promptly fail the mission and lose a personnel to SNW. Oops. I stop his first attempt at Kressari (E.Mal should discard instead of return, but that is neither here nor there). I get thru SNW on the next attempt and head to OV. Attempt with 8 and Chula: The Chandra tags 7 of them (kinda rough when it gets a 5-cost first pick). Charlies next attempt at Kressari completes, but he only had 1 Gun to sell. He uses those points to Krim my Gorgons (this is not good). I get thru OV, but dont have the range left to hit EFF yet, so its 65-35 me. Charlie heads to Off-World Raid. I mis-track, thinking Coolant Leak will stop more than 2, and he gets it first try. 75-65 to the Resistance. He goes over to Rescue Prisoners and my dilemma pile fails me, and he gets the second mission that turn for the game.

Round 3TNGTriumphFW (+20)View opponent's Report
My first couple turns start out almost perfectly (energize turn 1, person and the battleship turn 2, Gelnon turn 3) and turn 4, Im out attempting at SNW with a solid 8-person crew. Apparently, I didnt bring skills along because a well-played We'll Never Know stops me cold. I stop an attempt at Advanced Battle Simulations with a TD. My second attempt at SNW goes better (even tho 4 out of 8 are stopped/killed) and solve. A second attempt at ABS ends the same as the first (I'm a fan of irony), but my attempts at OV are meeting similar fates. I finally break thru OV to make it 70-0, Dominion. This also means I have to go to Space, which never usually works out for my decks. My first attempt (with 15) nets 4 dilemmas under the mission. However, my dilemma pile is not out of TD/Gorgan and ABS is completed and 1-shot of Track survivors makes it square at 80-70, for the Feds. I get another turn and figure some numbers: a)if I go home I can split up and next turn have 2 crews ready on next turn (the ship in hand would be played next turn), or b) I can mass attempt EFF again and hope that 5 (or the right 4) make it thru and end it this turn. Go big or go home. I attempt with 15 again, and Personal Duty tags 8. So much for that bright idea. The mission is buried (9 under) so I will get it the next turn. Problem is, I may not get a next turn. He double-teams the mission (no timescape here) and I stop the first crew but get that sinking feeling that my dilemma pile is going to fail me. The second attempt is 6 with 3 under. I burn a UD and still only have 1 option - Hard Time. I randomly pick the only one that could have stopped the attempt - Davies. Next turn, I play my other ship fly home, switch ships, and roll back to EFF for the win.

Round 4FerengiMichael Van BreemenFL (-35)
He drops Ferengi and starts using their tricks (lets spend a lot of extra counters) and gets going fairly fast. Turn 3 or 4 he is attempting to Acquire Illicit Explosives, but Ferengi ships are not known for being powerhouses so a single TD stops him. I get out and catch SNW first try, as ironically the Klingon Founder has Intelligence (RBA). But Legacy gets me fairly hard at OV. I break thru OV but he is breaking thru my dilemmas and claiming his own missions. Legacy and other dilemmas that require skills are giving me problems and his missions dont have high attributes so he solves his third mission before I make it thru EFF. 105-70 in a very close game.