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Joshua Sheets (prylardurden)
Tournament Report - Tr - Online Event
2014-10-12 - 01:00 PM
GenCon ATM - Building A Bigger Bank
The Bank deck I took to GenCon didn't do so well there, so I thought I'd give it another go.

Round 1 ()
I was paying out points left and right (sharing and not sharing). Several people got some discards out fairly quickly and then the Toxin draws started happening (at one point, the smallest hand size was 14). As I was playing a slightly larger deck than the others, once the first player decked, I realized I might be able to outlast the others. It got close to Matt going out a couple times but I eventually managed to deck the others and the Bank called in its outstanding payments, dropping a hand of 41 Big Money (plus two 10's) into the already very large pile.

Round 2 ()

Round 3 ()

Round 4 ()

Round 5 ()

Round 6 ()

Round 7 ()

Round 8 ()

Round 9 ()

Round 10 ()

Closing Thoughts
That will likely never happen again.