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Unjustly Banned (RedDwarf)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-17 - 03:00 PM
CardassianKlingonID Draft - 17th August 2012
In this Infinite Diversity Draft, I'd picked up Klingon/Cardassian. I thought I'd drafted a good selection of personnel, but when it came to my missions, I discovered I only had 1 Leadership for my planet mission. I could have switched it out for a different planet mission, but that required Diplomacy, and I only had one of that too. Perhaps, my personnel weren't that good after all?

My dilemma pile was my saving grace. I picked up two copies of Unfair Terms (even at 6 cost, worth it for 2-3 kills per use), Instigate Dissension (awesome in this format, where 95% of players use two headquarters), Inequitable Exchange (great when some idiot only has one copy of a particular mission skill in their deck...) and Pitching In (two stops for one dilemma is always great).

Round 1RomulanTNGBrian LeonardFW (+35)View opponent's Report
Brian was playing TNG/Romulan. I thought he had played a lot of cheap personnel, but when I came to play Unfair Terms at his first mission, it didn't kill anyone. I was gutted. Obviously, Brian took the mission. I was then able to stop him in space for a number of terms. My attempts were rather quick. Brian had drafted a number of skill dilemmas, and I just happened to have a good mix of skills in my team, and had the skill(s) I needed to overcome them every dilemma I faced.

FW: 70-35

Round 2DS9Jeremy BenedictFW (+70)
Jeremy was playing standalone DS9. The mistake he made in this game was to attempt Survey New World first. I held him there for at least 5 turns - and each time the mission would put one personnel under his deck when he failed the attempt. The move of the game (from my perspective) was when Jeremy gave me 5 dilemmas to draw/play there. I used Slightly Awkward to play +1 and drew into an Unfair Terms. Jeremy lost two personnel to that dilemma and was doubly screwed as they were his mission skills.

My mission attempts were slow and steady. By alternating missions, I ended up with three dilemmas beneath each. I then played Lore and moved to Investigate Derelict. Jeremy played a dilemma to stop one of my Cardassians, but I dropped The Central Command to prevent that. I completed the mission and then used the mission game text to restore range to my ship so I could fly to my planet mission. Lore then helped me complete the mission that turn.

FW: 70-0

Round 3KlingonRomulanNat KirtonFW (+35)
Nat was playing Klingon/Romulan, and was the only other undefeated player remaining in the tournament besides me. He too had picked up some good dilemmas - Instigate Dissension, Inequitable Exchange, Infinite Diversity and a second copy of The Clown: Go Away among others. Nat's problem was that he didn't draft a second ship and was stuck with the Olarra by itself. That meant he was forced to go planet first, and couldn't go near his space mission until he had most of his personnel in play.

At Nat's first mission attempt, Unfair Terms killed his only Medical personnel. At his second attempt, Inequitable Exchange let me capture his only Exobiology personnel. The mission in question was Aid Legendary Civilization (requiring Exobiology and Medical), so I bought myself a turn or two while he searched for more mission skills. At his next two mission attempts, I stopped just enough of his team to prevent him from completing the mission. The second time I did that, he was 1 cunning short of completing the mission!

My own mission attempts were rather unremarkable. I faced an early The Clown: Go Away, and instead of losing a turn, went straight from my planet mission to my space mission. Nat's dilemma plays were fantastic, and I can't remember how many times he stopped me. Eventually, I completed my planet mission and was stuck with another copy of The Clown: Go Away on my space mission. In the end, I just mass attempted, and hoped I wouldn't lose anyone too important. I didn't, and I took the game win.

Closing Thoughts
GenCon record: 12 Wins, 4 Losses.