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Unjustly Banned (RedDwarf)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-17 - 10:00 AM
KlingonKlingon Net Deck [v1.1]
Friday morning saw a regular constructed tournament. I couldn't decide which deck to play, so I just plumped for my Klingon speed deck to see how it would fare in the North American meta. (It wasn't just a ratings grab, honest!)

Round 1KlingonNicholas YankovecFL (-40)
I travel 4,000 miles, and I end up sharing a room with playing against Nick. Bah humbug! Nick was also playing a Klingon speed deck, so this was a mirror-matchup in more than one sense. Sadly for me, Nick got the dream team (Riker, Klag, Kang, Kor & Koloth) out quickly, while my team could be conservatively described as jobber-central. While my dilemma pile had no theme, Nick's dilemma pile revolved around Unfair Comparison. I could normally overcome the 8-cost dilemmas quite easily; but after having three stopped by Unfair Comparison, it really was a crap shoot. Miraculously, I was just about able to keep up with Nick as his dream team battered my dilemmas. The deciding point came down to the final mission. Nick had one dilemma overcome already, and knew the top three dilemmas (Unfair Terms, Personal Duty, Back Room Dealings) of my pile thanks to Unfair Comparison. He attempted with four, and I totally forgot to use Alvera Tree Ritual to shuffle my dilemma pile. Back Room Dealings was the only dilemma I could play, so I threw it thinking Nick had forgotten about it. He hadn't. His team had no Treachery, and he used Gowron to prevent the death before completing the mission for the win.

FL: 60-100

Round 2Phil SchraderFW (+25)
Phil was playing a DS9 Jaresh Inyo deck. I played Kruge early, and I suspect it made Phil wary of losing his ship. He didn't leave DS9 until he'd played Holding Cell on Kruge. At Phil's first mission, I get very, very lucky and pick Ezri Dax to be killed with The Dal'Rok (any other personnel would have been protected by Ezri). I could tell Phil has played against Klingons a lot as he was able to stop me at my space mission for what seemed like forever. Gomtuu Shock Wave, Personal Duty, Intimidation and Insurrection all stopped me cold. With Ezri out of the way, I was free to kill more personnel. At Phil's second mission, I massacre three of them with Unfair Terms, which sets Phil back somewhat. Once I finally completed Investigate Alien Probe, I blew through Rescue Prisoners in one attempt. Seven began, and two were stopped before I faced Assassination Attempt. Phil picked J'Dan (my only Treachery personnel), and Riker (who copied the Treachery from J'Dan), so nobody died and I took the points. We trade a unsuccessful mission attempt each, before I stop Phil's final attempt with Moral Choice. At Brute Force the only dilemma Phil could play was Temptation. That whiffed, and I took the win in a very close game.

FW: 100-75

Round 3TNGJohn CorbettFW (+100)
John was playing TNG with a Tragic Turn dilemma pile. He never scored a point against me, as my dilemma pile gave me just what I needed each turn. I stopped him with Gomtuu Shock Wave, Dignitaries and Witnesses, Outclassed and two copies of Moral Choice among others. Meanwhile, at my attempts, I wasn't losing too many personnel to John's pile thanks to Genetronic Treatment. I always failed my first attempt, but John put so many dilemmas under the mission that I could virtually auto-complete it the following turn. The one mistake I made was attempting with five personnel at Rescue Prisoners, not noticing that John has Transport Crash Survivors out. Fortunately, there were ten dilemmas under the mission, and he couldn't top deck a dilemma to stop me. When it came to Brute Force, I noticed John didn't have many dilemmas remaining in his pile. I had twelve personnel in play, so I sent two teams of six. John stopped the first, but only had a Bold Plan to stop the second. He consumed one All-Consuming Evil, but that wasn't enough to prevent me completing the mission.

FW 100-0

Round 4RomulanJoel SkonFW (+25)View opponent's Report
Joel was playing Romulans. He'd played Nick in the previous round and I heard him comment that his dilemma pile couldn't cope with Klingons very well. By the time I went out to attempt, I had played Gowron and Worf (who could both unstop personnel), and had two copies of Relentless in hand (which could also prevent stops) so I was quietly confident. At Investigate Alien Probe, I used Worf to prevent the stop caused by Moral Choice, before losing Worf to Inequitable Exchange. I still completed the mission though. Joel had played Donatra, so when he attempted Assess Contamination, I struggled to stop his personnel. I did manage to stop one attempt with Rogue Borg Ambush, but that was the best I could do. My first team was stopped at Rescue Prisoners by four dilemmas, so I thought the second team of four would walk it. I forgot about Endangered though. It allowed Joel to play Unfair Terms, but luck was on my side. Of the four personnel in the team, only one of them (Khamis) would be killed if picked. He wasn't, and I took the mission. At Brute force, I had enough personnel for two attempts, so I left my good team on the ship and went with six jobbers. By sheer coincidence, only one of them had Honor or Treachery, so Joel's An Issue of Trust didn't stop anyone. My fake team took the mission for the win.

FW: 100-75

Closing Thoughts
GenCon record: 9 Wins, 4 Losses.