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Unjustly Banned (RedDwarf)
Tournament Report - 1E - British National
2012-11-25 - 11:00 AM
Hirogen[OTF] My Second Hirogen
Being a lazy git, I dug out the Hirogen deck I played at last year's UK Nationals (my last 1E constructed tournament) for this year's UK Nationals. I expected someone to try and blow up my outpost so I added Strategic Base. I also added General Quarters on the off chance that I got to go first and my opponent didn't play it on me. The rest of the deck stayed the same.

Round 1RomulanStuart MotleyFL (-55)
Stuart was playing a Romulan solver, using Continuing Committee and Office of the Proconsul for up to two free plays a turn. That was more than I had, and it showed. I got sent to the end of my Delta quadrant space line by Cytherians, before completing my first mission. On my planet mission, I ran into the classic combo of The Caretaker's "Guests"/Artillery Attack, but Stuart had forgotten about the combo (it wasn't his deck), so I only lost two personnel. That was enough though, I lost mission skills and never recovered. Meanwhile, Stuart had a big stack of personnel in play and just steam-rolled through my dilemma combos.

FL: 45-100

Round 2KazonNicholas YankovecMW (+23)
Nick was playing a Kazon solver with points loss dilemmas, built for him by (eventual champion) Danny. I lost 18 points to Lack of Preparation and The Higher The Fewer at my first mission (worth 30 points). I lost another 5 at my next mission to a Founder Secret/The Higher The Fewer combo. I was expecting it though, and only took five personnel to the mission. Take that Nick!

Two missions down, and only 32 points scored meant Dead End stopped me at my third mission. By this point, Nick had a bunch of personnel in play, and had already completed one mission. I was concerned enough to send a ship over to him to kill a bunch of them. My hunters had two Hirogen Disruptor Rifles and one Talon, so each were Strength+9. Sadly, I only had six of them, but that was enough to kill six and win the battle (killing another). Nick attempted a planet mission on the next turn and ran into God. He'd left a bunch of personnel aboard his Voyager so I gladly blew that up. This also had the effect of stranding his personnel on the planet as they couldn't beam up anymore.

Time was called during my turn, and I thought it was game over when I realized I couldn't get my hirogen attack force back to the mission I'd previously cleared out. I was about to concede the game when Nick pointed to one of my other missions I hadn't attempted, and said "go on". By some miracle I completed it in one go. That meant I now had more than 50 points and could solve the Dead End'ed Secure Station with the Decaren I'd just played. As a result of Nick encouraging me to give it a go, I went from a losing position to a winning position in a few minutes.

Nick completed his second mission on his final turn, but - even if he completed the two missions he could reach - couldn't overtake me. Ah, sweet payback for the "decked" incident at the Second Edition Nationals the day before.

MW: 88-65

Round 3Kevin JacksonFW (+30)
Kev was playing TNG Ferengi, with more free plays than me (once again.) Fortunately, the few kills I did get with my dilemmas meant my walls were somewhat effective. They slowed Kev down by a couple of turns, and that was enough for me to take the win. Implication stopped me at one of my missions as I hadn't played any Diplomacy or Law personnel at that point. I thought about waiting to draw into them, but decided to roll through another mission instead.

FW: 105-70

Round 4FerengiDanny NuttallFL (-60)View opponent's Report
Danny was also playing TNG Ferengi. He'd won all three of his previous games, and would take the title no matter what happened in our game. He was doing a lot of complicated stuff, but the upshot was that he could attack his own seeded Empok Nor and earn points each time he did. At my first mission, I got lucky when I faced the classic combo of Personal Duty and Friendly Fire. Karr (with 2 Leadership) got through the first dilemma, and my two mission specialists supplied the 2 Security I needed to overcome Friendly Fire. I was the first person to solve a mission against Danny all day.

Things didn't go so well at my second mission, where I walked into a Ferengi Ambush. Danny somehow got his three Ferengi up to Strength 14,14,15 and gave my Hirogen a smackdown. He then got a Transport Inhibitor out and stopped me beaming too or from the mission, so he could kill one of my personnel each turn following that. To make matters worse, I had a Hirogen Disruptor Rifle in hand but had elected not to play it. If I had, Danny's Ferengi would have been stomped on, and I may have completed two missions against him. I struggled from that point and, even though my dilemmas killed a few personnel, Danny solved two missions for the win.

FL: 40-100

Closing Thoughts
Two wins was about two more than I expected to get, so I was happy. Hopefully, I'll remember the changes I want to make to the deck next time I dig it out (probably for next year's UK Nationals...)