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Unjustly Banned (RedDwarf)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2013-08-16 - 06:00 PM
RomulanSealed - 16th August 2013
This sealed deck tournament began with a shock as my Romulan starter deck didn't contain any rares. Fortunately, I was able to switch it out for another starter. Telek R'Mor and Dathon were welcome sights. As were several personnel with two levels of a skill for those "two-fer" dilemmas. In total, I had six skills doubled, and thought that I'd walk through quite a few dilemmas. While that may have been true, it turns out I was missing a few key skills.

Round 1Aaron VorpagelFL (-30)View opponent's Report
You always learn what's wrong with your deck in the first game. Unfortunately, for me, my opponent had three copies of one dilemma - Ornaran Threat - that could one-stop me. It needs Diplomacy and Medical or 2 Security, and all of my three Medical personnel were on the bottom of my deck. To make matters worse, I only had four Security in the deck, and the first two times I faced the dilemma it killed the only Security personnel I had in play. Talk about a kick in the teeth! I did eventually get the skills out and could overcome the dilemma, but by that point my opponent (sorry, I forgot your name), was too far ahead.

FL: 70-100

Round 2Stefen CoissonMW (+5)
Stefan, a new player, was playing the Klingon starter deck. Things went pretty slowly, and we were both working on our second missions when time was called. I could potentially have gotten the full win, but I made the biggest mistake ever in this game. I had split my personnel up into two teams for my second mission. The first was a bluff team to get dilemmas, while the second was meant to mop up the mission after that. On the penultimate turn of the game, Stefan - who didn't seem to have many dilemmas remaining - threw a Wavefront and stopped everyone in the "good" team when it turned out that I had neither Astrometrics nor Navigation. The dilemma then returned to Stefan's pile. When the final turn rolled around, I totally forgot to switch any personnel around between my two teams. The bluff team get me another dilemma, and then the real team got stopped by Wavefront again. Arrgg. For the sake of one Astrometrics personnel or a Navigation personnel, I'd have completed my second mission and quite possibly the third (given how few dilemmas Stefan had remaining).

MW: 35-30

Round 3BorgMichael MoskopFW (+30)View opponent's Report
Michael had been given the Borg starter deck. The ultimate skill-doubler deck. Fortunately, he didn't draw into the Queen for quite a while, and when he did, he forgot to use her order on a couple of attempts. That meant I could one-stop him with Ornaran Threat a couple of times - especially after the first time I used it, it killed one of Michael's few Security personnel.

My own attempts were hampered by some bad luck. Given that I only had four Security personnel in the deck, I was happy to get two into play early. Sadly, Michael played Murder Investigation (which picks three and stops them if any have Security) to stop one attempt. When that worked, he then used The Trial Never Ended to keep it in his dilemma pile for my next attempt. My luck turned though, and it didn't stop anyone the second time. Then, later on in the game, the bad luck returned. I was ready to auto-complete my final mission - which required Archaeology - when Michael came over and assimilated my only Archaeology personnel with Borg Cutting Beam. In another turn of better luck, I drew into another Archaeology personnel on my next turn though, and was able to take the mission for the win.

FW: 100-70

Closing Thoughts
Oh for a Medical personnel in my first game...