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William Hoskin (Gumbo)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-16 - 01:00 PM
DS9American DS9
Played my DS9 Tactical deck which is a bit slow but can hold an opponent with tactical disadvantage. with a hint of Phoenix to make it harder for my opponent.

Round 1Edward PigmanFL (-75)
I can't remember what Ed was playing but the Phoenix made no difference I was battering the missions getting hit by the dilemmas and Ed got the FW.

Round 2VoyagerMichael Van BreemenFL (-75)View opponent's Report
The Deck looked very familiar with future / temporal achievements. could I stop the chuckles brothers and get my slow deck moving in time. No was the answer Michael later told me he was struggling to get mission skills out for the last 40 point mission but my Secret identiy help him get the skills in.

Round 3James olayaFW (+70)
I can't remember what James was playing but I do know it was a one sided game with Holding Cell getting a key person and the Pheonix meaning he needed to do 4 missions.

Closing Thoughts
must make notes after each round at big events so that I can remember more when doing reports.