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William Hoskin (Gumbo)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-17 - 10:00 AM
StarfleetAmerica Fleet
Playing my SF deck to see how it would go and if I should consider playing it in the NACC.

Round 1Ken BrantFW (+55)
I can't remember what Ken was playing I think it was TNG but I won't swear on it. My deck worked (the only time in the tournament) and Ken struggled to stop the double teaming crews.

Round 2StarfleetMichael MoskopML (-5)View opponent's Report
A mirror matchup with one or two exceptions. we were stopping each other repeatedly and we were both onto our last mission but i was 5 points behind. I have enough to double attempt the mission so thinking I should be able to get the second crew Lorian stoipped to un stop the first. But i hit one of 2 cards that would stop that Greater Needs (timescape was the other). epic game and very close.

Round 3Phil SchraderFL (-100)
Phil was playing a deck I am familiar with but after he holding celled Lorian I knew i was in trouble. Phil was blasting through my dilemma pile and i was struggleing with his.

Round 4VoyagerAmber Van BreemenFL (-100)
A very close game but by this point of the day I was annoyed with myself for not doing better. I was doing ok but Amber was stopping me lsft right and centre. My dilemma pile let me down on one attempt giving Amber a mission that I should have been able to stop her at.

Closing Thoughts
go planet first and don't play this deck until I have a solid dilemma pile for it.