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William Hoskin (Gumbo)
Tournament Report - 1E - British National
2012-11-25 - 11:00 AM
FederationFed virtual
I threw together a more or less fully printable deck which unfortunately limited a couple of cards I wanted to put in. I thought the DS9 dilemmas were not as good as they might have been had I known what sort of decks I was going to play against.

Round 1Kevin JacksonMW (+40)
Kev was playing one of Dannys Ferengi decks and we were going along fine I went to a planet and hit a dead end so went and attempted in space at the next mission with my crew of 11 smashing through a few dilemmas and getting the mission. Kev was flying around dropping a couple of people off and had I looked at all the cards I would have either gone to another planet mission or would have added some overloads to get rid of equipment. Kev got 3 transport inhibitors down on my 3 planet missions and I was screwed. I ended up on 120 points thanks to AMS and completing my 3 Space missions. Kev struggled when he was attempting as my dilemmas were holding their own. I got a MW in the end.

Round 2RomulanStuart MotleyFL (-20)
Stuart was playing Romulan and later a few of the double people (the sisters of duras, Data and Picard) which helped him past a few of my dilemmas (Forsaken, new essentialists). In this game I realised that I was short of Biology for one of my missions and my ships needed some more range boost against cytherians. 1 more turn and I would have won thanks to a Cytherians and a misiion that was ready to be completed when the ship got there. So close but a FL.

Round 3Non-AlignedHirogenAndrew Mark AlcockML (-64)
Marks Hirogen N/A were slowed by General quarters and I was smashing into some nice dilemmas. Unfortunately lack or Biology and no Nurses stopped me from completing one mission, needing either Biology or Geordi, A dead end on another mission. I was struggling to be able to do any missions and was trying to draw through Lopez or Geordi, but no matter how many Digs I played and how many other card draws I managed to do. Mark piled through a few a few dilemmas but wasn't able to get the full win.

Round 4KazonNicholas YankovecFL (-65)
Nicks Kazon deck using Voyager(built by Danny) and a few shuttles so that most of the time he could get to 2 or 3 missions in a go, with only one person being stopped at the first attempt then being able to get a crew of 4/5 to pass the next dilemma he didn't lose points and could blast past most of my stuff. A fun 1e game for two 2e players although Nicks deck definately had the advantage.

Closing Thoughts
Add some Biology and some disruptor overloads and remove some of the extra multiples.