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Kevin Jaeger (Hoss-Drone)
Tournament Report - 1E - Andoria Regional
2018-05-20 - 11:30 AM
DominionPost Dissident Garrison
Point of order: comfort women can't seed on mirror bajor I've been told. This didn't affect any of my games in any material way. Solution is just remove it and the bajoran stuff, move the captain's orders to the tent and put cardie dissidents in the draw deck. Then seed a 12th dilemma.

Round 1BorgJeremy HuthMW (+40)
Jer blew up my internment camp on t2 and I shed a tear of admiration. He uxbridged my invasive in a Borg deck and I felt honored I've pushed this meta ro that level of commitment to beating this deck. I nanoprobed it back and shrugged off that problem but was slowed and my timing was more off. We played a game of cat and mouse for 70 minutes and with no time left I got through my mission for 40 points and 25 points off bonuses. In the land of it only happens in my games, I needed both guns, a kartakin and lower decks to beat his drones with first and 4 assault drones in combat after my captured missed getting one.

Round 2RomulanVulcanJames HeaneyFW (+100)
I got deyos owning hand freeing up DH for skalaar. James tried to use the blue screen to slow me way down but a seeded rods and a nanoprobe allowed me to do my early game dl's of rsd and skalaar into captured and put James on his back foot. After he made a mistake thinking he was safe on the far side of the spaceline, I qsd in and halved his available peeps. Then it was mission solving and bonus points ftw while his remaining peeps were on cytherians time out.

Round 3KCAKris SonstebyFW (+100)
In had deyos opening hand so I could dh for skalaar again to get my 2nd captured. I also had the overload + nanoprobe (...and drew another of each dot t2) to blow up 2 of his guns, the cloak and the transport inhibitor to blow the door wide open.