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Kevin Jaeger (Hoss-Drone)
Tournament Report - Tr - American National
2020-07-17 - 07:00 PM
Coco Dog and Man Pony Show
Learned that generosity makes both players draw...which is fine but errata is needed since..English language. Prelim table went more or less to plan. Made what turned out to be a solid play sending Kris out to keep Matt or Dan from gaining ground before I made the final points push.

Round 1 ()
Pushed points which Eric mirrored.

Round 2 ()
Pushed more points which Eric mirrored.

Round 3 ()
Pushed some points which Eric mirrored and I continued to stay within striking distance.

Round 4 ()
Finally drew my retreats and 100k replays together to make my move: Pushed the round long making everyone draw to get enough 100k into my pile then go out for enough to take enough of a lead so that Eric mirrors didn't matter.

Round 5 ()
With a nearly 300k lead over Jon's bonus engine and Eric's mirrors I switched to the other thing ponies can do which is draw no extra cards and use laughter to keep my hand size low. Jon had to not go out to try to catch up but I drew 4 copies of 1 tribbles in order to go out and lock it up.

Closing Thoughts
So while the new set is fun and does actually force more decisions which I think is good, kindness, generosity and laughter are power creep over party, poison, utilize and discard. So my suggestion is: this last set was rainbow positive concepts, the next set needs to be the counterpoint negative concepts. Anger, jealousy, selfishness and they need to be punishment same as toxin to discard.