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Kevin Jaeger (Hoss-Drone)
Tournament Report - 2E - Andoria Regional
2014-05-31 - 11:00 AM
KlingonRomulanTake the shot Niall!
enough jokes aside....report rewrote with actual information and no subtle movie references...

Round 1TNGJustin KaufmanMW (+90)
Justin rolled out to pom with cadets but I was able to hold him of with a lot of dilemmas. I fse out his remaining cadets but he was protecting one in hand I didn't know about. I stuck to the script and shoot his ship causing me to see his last cadet via tactical advantage which then got discarded. Justin had to go to another mission where more people died to dilemmas. I got in front of him but time ran out before I could draw out for the deck out win. because Justin put up such a good fight I just ran out time to get the mod win.

Round 2RelativityJeremy BenedictFW (+35)
I was able to take advantage of relativity's weakness of no HQ to start shooting early with the Terix's natural 9 weapons. I believe Jeremy had a staffed ship for two turns but didn't like his skill matrix against my dilemma pile that he knew had the 8 cost killers. after I started shooting he lost his temporal transporters to the tactical advantage then was not able to recur anyone so it was just a matter of attrition for me to win via deck out. Thanks for the game jer!

Round 3TNGrakesubrocketFW (+5)View opponent's Report
Henry has been trained well by his former world champion dad. solid game that again came down to me shooting a ship to remove a guy from hand to remove his last of a skill. this time future data was that guy. You can't sleep on a frid or you get schooled. always great to play against someone you haven't before.

Round 4TNGbandana8472MW (+30)View opponent's Report
Matt is one of best there ever is and it showed in this game. after some triple attempts at ima loaded with classic amounts of poker intrigue I have up my first mission of the day. eventually my romulans were able to declare enough war to attrition the table then go solve a mission to take the lead with bonus points. like matt said though, it was tight and the adrenaline kicked in like it does when you play against one of the best. look out invaders, continentals won't be easy when you have to get through the frid family.

Closing Thoughts
Tactical advantage was the difference maker. Are you happier now James? I found the home for that card. 4 rounds, 4 fed opponents for the double dip. Justin had his last third to last cadet get discarded so he was locked out of Pom by it. Jeremy watched all three temporal transporters go bye bye to it. I made both frid family members discard mission skills and security drills with it so the 8 cost killers were effective. I love winning on deck out. its so hard to do and to do it in the toughest meta in the world is very satisfying.